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Herb Plants

Herbs are very versatile garden plants. From bergamot and peppermint to the robust rosemary, there’s a wealth of fantastically scented culinary herbs to grow in your garden. Many are ornamental wonders too. Plant lavender into stylish terracotta pots and fill the back garden with drifts of monarda. Find answers to your herb questions below.

What is an ornamental edible?

An ornamental edible offers the best of both worlds. It is a plant that looks fantastic in the ornamental garden but also has edible properties. Herbs are great examples of ornamental edibles.

Best flowering culinary herb plants

Crocus sativa is saffron! A fabulously expensive spice, these little autumn flowering crocus bulbs grow very well in the garden. Once dried, the bright orange stamens offer flavour and colour to foods both savoury and sweet.

Where to grow your culinary herb plants

Grow your culinary herb plants in full sun. Make sure the soil is free draining and fertile. Herbs like lavender make good low hedging plants. Hops are best planted at the base of a trellis or arbour where they can happily climb. Find top tips for getting started in our culinary herb garden guide.

Best culinary herb plants for tea

Make a mock earl grey tea with your own bergamot leaves from the garden. True earl grey is flavoured with oil from the bergamot orange, but the herb makes a delicious home grown alternative with the same delightful, floral flavour. Other classic tea herbs include lemon verbena, peppermint and Moroccan mint.

Best edible flowers to grow at home

Dianthus flowers have a spicy, clove-like flavour. They are hardy plants suited to growing in both pots and the ground. Primula veris (cowslip) flowers have a light citrus flavour and are a lovely addition to spring salads. These native wildflowers look especially lovely when they are naturalised in a grassy bank.

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