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Find everything you need to grow your own trees and hedges here. If you’re searching for the perfect sapling, our best trees for small gardens article is a great place to start. Maybe you want to choosing the best hedging plants to improve security, survive coastal conditions, or to provide a year round screen? We’ve got lots of advice to help you decide.

And when you’re ready to make your purchase, browse through our extensive range of native and non-native ornamental trees and hedging plants. Top tips? Laurus nobilis (bay trees) can be trained into a tall and aromatic hedge, while the large prehistoric blooms of a magnolia tree make a spectacular statement...

This excellent checklist will help you pick a tree based on its ornamental merit throughout the seasons by considering things like leaves, bark, berries, and leaf colour.

Don’t follow the crowd! Try these unusual compact trees for blazing colours, tumbling flowers or ornamental cones if you’re looking for something off the beaten track.

See exactly how to plant and care for your bare root tree or shrubs with this quick video guide from T&M’s resident expert Sue Sanderson.

We’ve shared the five plants that made it to the top of our hedge list. So if you’re looking for a salt-tolerant, low-maintenance, evergreen, or fast growing hedge, start here!

Before you plant your new hedge, take a look at our top tips and care advice. With a quick video guide to show you how it’s done, you’ll have a thriving new boundary in no time.

What’s the main purpose of your hedge? This article suggests the best plants for extra security, challenging growing conditions, encouraging wildlife or even an edible harvest.

Find out why bare root trees may be the perfect option when planning your new hedge. See which trees we think make particularly good boundaries.

Did you know ‘Bonsai’ translates to ‘tree in a pot’? Find out how you can start, grow, and control specimen trees, using pots and containers, with this bonsai inspired article.

Prune your olive trees to keep them in check. These tips will help you develop the best pruning technique to keep your olive trees healthy and looking their best.

Find our full range of hedging trees, shrubs, and plants here. Whether you want a low growing lavender boundary or a tall evergreen screen, you’ll find what you need here.

See our full selection of trees here. You’ll find trees for autumn colour, hedging, container growing and evergreen interest. Bare root or pot-grown trees and saplings available.

For bare root trees to plant in autumn and winter, you’re in the right place. Value for money, quick to establish and easy to plant - what’s not to like!

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