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Specimen plants for the garden

Did you know that all the plants we sell as bare root hedging are available as single items too? Late autumn to early spring is the perfect time for planting out bare-rooted trees and shrubs so make a bold decision and add an extra dimension to your garden. Whilst it is marvellous to be able to create a living, breathing hedge as a screen or boundary in your garden, the value of a single tree can never be underestimated as a focal point to add structure.

It is easy to be put off growing a tree in your garden for fear of creating a monster that will cause you problems in the future. The monster however, can be tamed, quite easily and instead become a thing to be desired – the beast can become beauty!


The Japanese art of bonsai does not only relate to miniature trees, requiring hours of painstaking training and pruning. Literally meaning 'planted in a container' bonsai trees can still be large enough to hold their own in a normal garden. Acers are perhaps one of the most common sights in large patio pots, but why not consider a Hornbeam, Silver Birch or Twisted Willow? As long as the trees are regularly fed and watered they will grow quite happily , albeit at a reduced rate, and they can, of course be kept pruned back to reduce their height if necessary too.

Should you choose to plant your specimen tree directly into the ground then being aware of the surroundings is important. Take note of the ultimate height and spread if you are going to let the tree grow naturally, keep trees that have the potential to grow to a large size away from buildings so their roots don’t interfere with foundations at all. Regular pruning will keep these trees well under control and in proportion with the rest of your garden, giving you the desired structure and impact you were hoping for.


Choose from evergreen, floral, tall columnar or round dense varieties to best suit your design, and space. Bear in mind that some deciduous trees will give you a stunning autumn blaze of colour as their leaves change before they drop, bare branches can also create winter interest too.

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