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Hedging Plants

Hedges provide the bare bones of the garden creating privacy, security, and defining boundaries. A well maintained hedge will also provide a backdrop for garden borders making a useful design feature. Select larger potted plants for instant impact, or opt for bare root hedging plants for a more economical choice. Whether you're looking for a formal hedge or native hedging to attract wildlife - there's a hedge for every purpose.

Best Sellers

Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin'

30 Reviews

15 Options From£6.99

White Flower Hedge Trellis - 1x2m

0 Reviews


Cherry laurel (Hedging)

2 Reviews

10 Options From£4.19

Chaenomeles 'Scarlet Storm'

2 Reviews

2 Options From£17.99

Sea Buckthorn (Hedging)

4 Reviews

8 Options From£3.69

Green Beech (Hedging)

3 Reviews

13 Options From£3.99

Privet (Hedging)

8 Reviews

8 Options From£3.69

Hawthorn (Hedging)

5 Reviews

13 Options From£3.69


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