Patio plants

If you want to create a spectacular display on your patio, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re aiming for a riot of colour, a leafy oasis, or want to try growing our top ten crops for pots, here’s some helpful advice on how to choose the best patio plants.

If you’re after something on a grander scale, check out our range of special patio trees or compact shrubs that are perfect for large pots.

Discover which evergreen shrubs, eye-catching standards and flowering perennials make the T&M horticultural team’s top ten for patios.

Whether you want colourful flowers, mini fruit trees, lush foliage, or plants to brighten up your patio through autumn and winter, here's the place to start.

Containers are a versatile way to grow bedding, shrubs, fruit, veg and even small trees. You can also grow climbers up a fence. Find inspiration and planting advice here.

You don’t need an allotment to grow veggies. Harvest spuds from bags, tomatoes from hanging baskets and crispy salad from patio containers following the advice here.

Looking for low-maintenance patio displays that return year after year? Here are Sue Sanderson’s tips for perennial container plants to liven up every season.

Whether your patio is modern or traditional in style, check out these clever ways to enhance your hard landscaping with plants.

Not sure how to prune your patio fruit trees? Apples and pears like a winter trim but stone fruit should only be done in summer. Find out exactly what to remove here.

Want a pink themed pot? Plant pastel laurentia and peachy verbena for blushing tones. Find out what else goes into our ‘in the pink’ container design.

If you’re drawn to cool blues and purples, here’s a list of plants to create electric blue flowering displays that continue to glow as afternoon turns to dusk.

For a sizzling summer display on your patio, these are some of the red, gold and orange flowers to bring your containers to life.

Here’s our whole range of patio plants, trees and shrubs. Find award winners, exclusive varieties, classic bedding and mid-sized perennials here.

Browse our wide range of patio shrubs here. Attract pollinators with scented flowers and draw the eye with low-maintenance variegated foliage.

Explore our full collection of patio trees here. Enjoy growing coloured foliage, gorgeous leaf shapes and exotic flowers in large containers.

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