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For vibrant summer colour, shop our 'in the pink' patio plants list
Image: Thompson & Morgan

Hot pink petunias reflect the ultra-modern feel of this contemporary, metal container, while the pastel pink Laurentia and peachy Verbena add cooler tones. Throw in the rich purple-pink foliage of Heuchera for a touch of drama that pulls the whole colour theme together. These vibrant, summery patio plants look best in a sunny spot.

Growing Tips

  • Use a good quality compost such as John Innes No.2 to fill your container.
  • The plants in this container enjoy a position in full sun.
  • Feed and water your container regularly to get the best display.
  • Regular deadheading will help to prolong flowering.

Laurentia 'Avant-Garde Pink' from Thompson & Morgan

Laurentia 'Avant-Garde Pink'

Uniform, vigorous plants with an abundance of star shaped blooms.

Flowering Period: June-October

Verbena 'Peaches and Cream' from Thompson & Morgan

Verbena 'Peaches and Cream'

Salmon-orange flowers that fade through apricot to a creamy yellow.

Flowering Period: June-September

Heuchera 'Mosaic' from Thompson & Morgan

Heuchera 'Mosaic'

Tiny flowers float on wiry stems above neat mounds of vibrant foliage.

Flowering Period: June-August

Alternative varieties for Lily 'Colour Carpet® Sparkler'

Lily 'Dazzler' (Ground Cover) from Thompson & Morgan

Lily 'Dazzler' (Ground Cover)

The only ground cover lily that flowers within 10 weeks of planting.

Flowering Period: August-September

Alternative varieties for Petunia 'Fanfare Mixed'

Petunia 'Express Mixed' from Thompson & Morgan

Petunia 'Express Mixed'

A superb trailing petunia with a good branching habit.

Flowering Period: June-October

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