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How to prune Ribes sanguineum

Strong, hardy and reliable, Ribes sanguineum (a flowering currant) is a deciduous shrub that provides a burst of vibrant colour and fragrance each spring. Pendulous clusters of flowers develop early in the year, sometimes followed by black berries later on. Here’s how to prune your Ribes to keep it strong, healthy and smothered in blossom, year after year. 

When to prune Ribes sanguineum

Ribes sanguineum 'King Edward VII' from Thompson & Morgan

This popular upright shrub provides spring colour and scent
Image: Ribes sanguineum 'King Edward VII' from Thompson & Morgan

Ribes should be pruned annually in early summer after it has finished flowering. This allows the maximum time for next year’s growth to develop, ensuring a good display of flowers the following spring:

  • Remove any damaged or dead stems.
  • Cut back all the remaining stems to a pair of healthy buds. 
  • If you have a very mature plant then you should also remove a fifth of the old shoots at ground level to encourage fresh new growth.

Banner image: imageportal/ Shutterstock

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