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Annual Bedding - Top Picks

Annual bedding is the place to find quick and easy colour. Annual plants are ideal for mixing and matching, adding splashes of cheer to your outdoor spaces in late spring. Find classics and the results of cutting edge breeding on this page. If you’d like a nod in the right direction check out our top picks below.

Annual bedding plants for shade

Shade doesn’t need to be boring! Excellent annual bedding like jewel toned begonias are the perfect match for a shaded corner. If you have partial shade, add bacopa and tobacco plants to your mix. For a full and eye-catching potted display add begonias.

Best annual bedding for hanging baskets

Most annual bedding shines in a hanging basket, however some show their best sides when elevated. Long trailing plants like surfinia petunias hang below the basket to over a metre where the flowers are easily admired. Slightly shorter trailers include fuchsias, calibrachoas and foliage plants like ivy.

Scented annual bedding

Did you know that some petunias have a gentle scent? The ‘Frills & Spills’ range not only have a lovely perfume, the flowers are densely ruffled and colourful too. Browse our scented bedding collection for fragrant displays.

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