How to feed petunias

Petunia 'Frenzy Mixed' F1 Hybrid garden ready plants from T&M

Feeding petunias makes a huge difference to your plants' performance
Image: Petunia 'Frenzy Mixed' F1 Hybrid garden ready plants from Thompson & Morgan

The secret to growing good petunias is to feed, feed, feed. You’ll get even better results if you use a specialist fertiliser. T&M’s high quality petunia fertiliser granules release a constant, controlled supply of nutrients without wastage or leaching. Easy to use, you just mix some into the compost when planting up containers or hanging baskets, or add to each hole before planting in borders. 

Does feeding petunias make a difference?

Petunia 'Frenzy Mixed' F1 Hybrid garden ready plants from T&M

Regularly feeding your petunias will encourage more flowers
Image: Petunia hybrida 'Purple Tower' F1 hybrid from Thompson & Morgan

Throughout the flowering season you should feed your petunias every two to three weeks with a diluted liquid fertiliser. Not convinced it will make a difference? It does! Watch our video below to see what happened when we planted two identical flower pouches with trailing petunias. One was regularly fed with fertiliser, while the other was not. The results speak for themselves….

Feeding petunias video

For more information and advice on growing petunias, visit our petunias hub page.


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