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What to sow and grow in the garden this month

What to sow and grow in August

Find out what to plant in August with our seasonal list of flowers, fruit, vegetables and seeds. These can be ordered now for sowing, growing and harvesting over the coming months!

Flowers to sow and grow

    in the 

greenhouse greenhouse  In the greenhouse / indoors

  • • Winter-flowering pansies can be sown now for colour in the cooler months.
  • • Sow Violas now to over-winter and provide fresh colour in the spring.

  • plant outdoors trowel  Plant outdoors

  • • Try sowing annual Poppies, California poppies, Cornflowers, Calendulas and Larkspur now to provide earlier flowers next year.

  • Fruit & Vegetables to sow and grow

    in the 

greenhouse greenhouse  In the greenhouse / indoors

  • • Sow winter lettuce such as 'Arctic King' or 'Winter Gem' in modules to plant out later this month.
  • • Parsley, coriander and chervil can be sown in seed trays now for growing under glass throughout winter.
  • • If you have a greenhouse you can still make sowings of dwarf beans such as 'Speedy' for an autumn crop.

  • direct sow outdoors seed packet  Direct sow outdoors

  • • Winter-hardy spring onions such as 'White Lisbon' and 'Performer' should be direct sown now for crops next spring.
  • • Radishes are very quick to crop - continue to make more direct sowings this month for an autumn harvest. Alternatively try sowing winter radishes.
  • • Keep sowing salad leaves outdoors for a continuous harvest.
  • • Make final sowings of spring cabbages 'April' and 'Durham Early' into seedbeds now - they are a great crop to have next April when not much else is ready to eat!
  • • Swiss Chard can be sown in drills now for autumn 'baby leaves' or to over-winter for a spring crop.
  • • Sow land cress outdoors now to liven up your salads this autumn and winter.
  • • Corn Salad is a fully hardy crop which can be sown outdoors now for cropping throughout the autumn and winter.
  • • Now is an ideal time to direct sow Pak Choi as they are prone to bolting if grown before midsummer.
  • • There is still time to make direct sowings of fast-maturing carrots such as 'Adelaide'.
  • • Make a last sowing of endive outdoors for use as salad leaves.
  • • For something more unusual try growing kohl rabi in a well prepared bed  - it will be ready in as little as 8 weeks after sowing.
  • • Make a final sowing of turnips in drills now.
  • • Direct sow Spinach 'Perpetual' now for autumn and winter cropping.
  • • Sow raddichio outdoors now for use as an autumn salad leaf.

  • plant outdoors trowel  Plant outdoors

  • • Plant out summer/autumn cauliflowers early in the month for an autumn harvest.
  • • Finish planting out winter cabbages early in the month, allowing about 45cm between plants as they get quite big!
  • • Finish planting out kale for winter and spring cropping.

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