What to do sow and grow in December

white flowers of Sarcococca confusa from Thompson & Morgan
Add scented interest to your garden with Christmas box shrubs
Image: Sarcococca confusa from Thompson & Morgan

There’s plenty to keep you busy in the garden in December. Make the most of any crisp dry days to nip outside and get a head start on the new year.

Here are our top picks of seasonal flowers, plants, fruit and veg to sow and grow in the garden this month:

Plants and flowers to sow and grow

bright multicoloured flowers of Snapdragons or Antirrhinum 'Axiom Series Mixed' F1 Hybrid from Thompson & Morgan
Sow Snapdragons now for early summer blooms
Image: Antirrhinum 'Axiom Series Mixed' F1 Hybrid from Thompson & Morgan

Here are the plants and flowers to sow and grow this December:

In the greenhouse/indoors

  • Sow antirrhinums (Snapdragons) and laurentia in a cool greenhouse now for early flowering in the summer.

  • Sow begonia and geranium seeds for a head start to the season.

  • Cyclamen prefer cooler temperatures so sow them anytime between now and March for optimum growth.

Plants outdoors

  • Plant up winter containers with hardy cyclamen, ivy, skimmia and evergreen grasses such as Carex to add colour to your garden. Position them beside entrances and well used paths for a cheerful winter display.

  • Plant bulbs in large pots of compost ready to fill any gaps in spring borders.

  • • Plant some shrubs for winter interest. Sarcococca confusa adds colour and fragrance to your garden at this time of year.

  • If you still haven't planted your tulip bulbs there is still time, provided the ground isn't frozen.

  • Plant bare-root native hedges to encourage wildlife and create attractive boundaries around your garden.

Herbs and vegetables to sow and grow

green leaves of Basil ‘Christmas’ from Thompson & Morgan
Sow herbs on your windowsill for winter use
Image: Basil 'Christmas' from Thompson & Morgan

Here’s what to sow and grow in the vegetable garden this December:

In the greenhouse/indoors

Direct sow outdoors

Plant outdoors

  • Plant Rhubarb crowns now in well prepared soil. Add plenty of organic matter - they’re hungry feeders!

Fruit to sow and grow

Ripe fruit berries of Blackberry ‘Loch Ness’ from Thompson & Morgan
Overwinter blackberry plants now for summertime harvests
Image: Blackberry 'Loch Ness' from Thompson & Morgan

Try starting to grow these fruits this month:

  • If you'd like to grow your own delicious raspberries next year, plant raspberry canes now while they’re dormant.

  • Plant blackberries any time between now and the spring.

  • Strawberry plants can be planted now for a crop of sweet berries in the summer.

  • Plant blueberries this winter for an attractive addition to the fruit garden. With pretty white flowers, delicious berries and fiery autumn foliage, these acid loving plants provide constant interest.

  • Plant gooseberries and currants now.


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