What to sow and grow in October

Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete' from Thompson & Morgan

Plant up borders and containers with spring flowering bulbs this month
Image: Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete' from Thompson & Morgan

October's crisp autumnal days bring changing colours, longer nights, and the occasional frost. If you grow fruit and veg you're probably still harvesting and storing this year's crops, and there's plenty to be getting on with in the garden this month.

Here's what you should be sowing and growing in October:

Flowers to sow and grow

Aquilegia x hybrida 'McKana Giants Mixed' from Thompson & Morgan/Copyright Visions Bv, Netherlands

Start aquilegia, such as 'McKana Giants Mixed', now for stunning summertime scenes
Copyright: Visions BV, Netherlands

Direct sow outdoors

Plant outdoors

Herbs & vegetables to sow and grow

Lettuce 'Artic King' (Butterhead) from Thompson & Morgan/Copyright: Garden World Images

Remember to directly sow winter lettuce, like 'Arctic King', for early spring harvesting
Copyright: Garden World Images

  • Sow winter salad, and grow in greenhouses, cold frames or cloches throughout the winter. Lettuce 'Winter Gem' can be sown from September to January in an unheated greenhouse or cold frame.
  • Herb seeds such as basil, dill, chives, and parsley can be sown now and grown on your windowsill throughout the winter.
  • Sow spring onion 'Performer' under cloches — they'll be ready to start harvesting in the spring.
  • Sow cauliflower 'All the Year Round' and keep the plants in a cold frame until the spring.

Direct sow outdoors

Plant outdoors

Fruit to sow and grow

Blueberry 'Bluecrop' from Thompson & Morgan

Make sure you have acidic soil for blueberry plants to thrive and grow
Image: Blueberry 'Bluecrop' from Thompson & Morgan

  • Now's the perfect time to order strawberry runners to plant up a strawberry patch for cropping next year.
  • Plant blueberry plants. Make sure you have an acid soil or alternatively grow them in pots of ericaceous compost.
  • Autumn is an ideal time to plant bare root fruit trees. See dwarf varieties that are ideal for a balcony, or some larger rootstocks for starting your outdoor orchard — either way get ready to enjoy delicious homegrown fruit straight from your garden or allotment.

Other plants to grow:

Keep one step ahead — what to order this month

Blackberry 'Thornless Evergreen' from Thompson & Morgan

Order blackberries now before the first frost hits
Image: Blackberry 'Thornless Evergreen' from Thompson & Morgan

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