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Growing nasturtiums with kids

Nasturtiums are colourful, fast-growing flowers that you can grow in the ground or in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. They not only look pretty, they're edible too! You can eat the leaves and petals - they taste a little peppery.

What you'll need:

  • • Packet of nasturtium seeds.
  • • Container, box or hanging basket (if using).
  • • Soil.
  • • Watering can.

Step 1: Prepare your soil

green rake preparing garden for plantingRake the ground or fill your pots
Image: Victoria Denisova/ Shutterstock
  • • If you want to grow your nasturtiums in containers, fill them with soil.
  • • If you're growing them in the ground, remove the weeds and rake it well.
  • • They like to be in full sun and they prefer soil without too much compost.

Step 2: Plant your seeds outside

orange nasturtiums in a pot outsideNasturtiums do well in containers
Image: Alalal/ Shutterstock
  • • Sow your seeds outside from March to May where you want the flowers to grow.
  • • Make a drill in the soil 2cm deep with your finger.
  • • Sprinkle the seeds in and cover with soil.
  • • Gently water.
  • • If you want another row, it should be 30cm away from the first one.
  • • Your plants should flower in about eight weeks.

Step 3: Care for your nasturtiums

nasturtiums in a bowl full of saladMake colourful salads with the flowers!
Image: Agenturfotografin/ Shutterstock
  • • Water your plants regularly, but be careful not to over-water them.
  • • 'Deadheading' - removing dead flowers - will keep them blooming longer.
  • • Your nasturtiums may need to be trimmed back occasionally.
  • • Blackfly like nasturtiums. Get rid of them by watering with a weak solution of eco washing up liquid.
  • • Nasturtium seeds are easy to collect. Save some to plant next year!

Popular varieties:

There's plenty more information in the downloadable guide. Print it out for more detailed instructions and even more nasturtium facts!

  Click the image to download the full pdf guide  
growing nasturtiums with kids pdf

Banner image: Elena Koromyslova/ Shutterstock

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