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Growing tomatoes with kids

Tomatoes are a superfood that are really easy to grow. Delicious and full of goodness, you can even start growing them on your bedroom windowsill! Do you like tiny tomatoes you can eat straight from the plant, or larger ones that you can slice for sandwiches and pizza? There's a downloadable guide at the bottom of the page you can print out with loads more information on growing your own tomatoes.

What you'll need:

  • • Packet of tomato seeds
  • • Clean yogurt pots and larger pots
  • • 60 litre bag of tomato compost
  • • Tomato feed
  • • Long sticks or canes

Step 1: Start your seeds

sowing tomatoesTomato seeds are so tiny!
Image: FotoDuets/ shutterstock
  • • Fill your yogurt pots with compost, and 'smooth' the surface.
  • • Drop two seeds into each pot, and sprinkle compost over the top.
  • • Cover with cling film and put on a sunny windowsill.
  • • Keep the soil moist, but not too wet.
  • • Put your pots on a sunny windowsill in a warm room.
  • • In 7-10 days, seedlings should appear.
  • • If both seeds germinate, just keep the biggest one.

Step 2: Repot your seedlings

potting out tomato seedlingsAlways hold the leaves, not the stem
Image: Aynur_sib/ shutterstock
  • • When the seedlings are big enough to handle, it's time to repot them.
  • • Gently plant them in a larger pot with fresh compost.
  • • Hold the plant by the leaves, not the stem.
  • • Keep them on the windowsill and water every day.
  • • When they're 20cm tall, take your seedlings outside for a few hours each day. This is called "hardening off".

Step 3: Plant your tomatoes outside

harvesting tomatoes Pick them when they turn red
Image: GrowVeg/ YouTube
  • • Cut 2 small holes in the top of your growbag, about 30cm apart.
  • • Gently plant the tomatoes into the holes.
  • • Gently pinch out any extra side shoots so more fruits grow on the central stem.
  • • Tomatoes like lots of sun and lots of water!
  • • 'Vine' or 'cordon' tomatoes need to be tied to a cane with soft string.
  • • When flowers appear, give your plants some tomato feed once a week.
  • • Your tomatoes will change colour when they're ready to eat.

Suggested varieties:

There's plenty more information in the downloadable guide. Print it out for more detailed instructions and even more handy tomato facts!

  Click the image to download the full pdf guide  
growing tomatoes with kids pdf

Banner image: Ewa Studio/ Shutterstock

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