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Growing marigolds with kids

Did you know you can eat marigolds? Add the petals to salads to make them bright and colourful. Marigolds are bright orange and yellow flowers - some look like daisies and some look like pom-poms. There are French marigolds, African Marigolds and 'Pot marigolds' (not really a marigold, but a plant called 'Calendula').

What you'll need:

  • • Packet of marigold seeds
  • • Container, window box or hanging basket
  • • Multi-purpose compost

Step 1: Choose where to plant them

growing marigold seedlingsMarigolds are a good 'companion plant'.
Image: Arjuna Kodisinghe
  • • Marigolds aren't fussy, but like a warm, sunny spot.
  • • Grow marigolds near vegetables to keep pests away.
  • • If you're growing in the ground, remove any weeds and mix in some compost.
  • • If you're growing in containers, fill them with compost.

Step 2: Sow your seeds

flowering marigoldsMarigolds grow well in window boxes.
Image: Paulay
  • • If you sow seeds from March to May, they'll flower from summer to autumn.
  • • Sprinkle the seeds on the ground or in containers.
  • • Cover with a thin layer of soil or compost.
  • • Gently water.
  • • Your plants will start growing in 1-2 weeks.
  • • They should be fully grown in 7-11 weeks.

Step 3: Care for your marigolds

fully grown marigolds Pot marigolds grow to 24-45cm tall.
Image: mcajan
  • • If your plants are crowded when they strat to grow, thin them to about 30cm apart.
  • • Water your plants and keep the soil moist.
  • • Once they get going, marigolds will continue growing easily, even if you forget about them.
  • • 'Deadheading' - removing dead flowers - will keep them blooming longer.
  • • Protect your marigolds from frost - they don't like the cold.

Suggested varieties:

There's plenty more information in the downloadable guide. Print it out for more detailed instructions and even more marigold facts!

  Click the image to download the full pdf guide  
growing marigolds with kids pdf

Banner image: JENG BO YUAN/ Shutterstock

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