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Growing radishes with kids

Quick & easy to grow, radishes are delicious in salads, but you can roast them too. It only takes 3-4 from seed to plate, and if you sow radishes every two weeks, you can enjoy this crunch vegetable all summer.

What you'll need:

  • • Radish seeds
  • • Container
  • • Multi-purpose compost
  • • Watering can.

Step 1: Prepare the ground

hand preparing soil trenches for planting radishesPrepare your trenches for seeds
Image: Indre Pau/ Shutterstock
  • • Fill a large container or window box with compost.
  • • Or, if you want to grow your radishes in the ground - rake the soil first.
  • • Make a shallow trench (1cm deep) to plant your seeds in. Use a trowel or your finger.
  • • For more than one row, space your trenches 15cm apart.

Step 2: Sow your radishes

closeup of hand thinning radish leaves outradishes do well in containers
Image: Denis Pogostin/ Shutterstock
  • • Sow summer varieties March to mid-August and winter varieties in July or August.
  • • Sow your seeds one at a time, 1cm deep.
  • • For summer varieties, sow them 2.5cm apart. For winter varieties, 23cm apart.
  • • Cover with soil and gently water.
  • • Your seeds will start growing in about a week.

Step 3: Look after your radishes

radishes ready to harvestReady to harvest!
Image: nnattalli/ Shutterstock
  • • Water your radishes regularly - keep the soil moist.
  • • Thin them out once they're big enough to handle, so they have room to grow.
  • • Keep summer varieties 2.5cm apart, and winter varieties 15cm apart.
  • • Your radishes will be ready to harvest in 3-4 weeks. They taste best when young!

Popular radish varieties:

There's plenty more information in the downloadable guide. Print it out for more detailed instructions and even more radish facts!

  Click the image to download the full pdf guide  
growing radishes with kids pdf

Banner image: Kateryna_MA/ Shutterstock

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