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how to gardening guides - flowers

'How To' Gardening Guides - General

how to build a 3 tier planter

How To Build a 3 Tiered Planter

Planted up with your favourite summer bedding, a 3 tiered planter will make a fabulous addition to your patio.

Find out How To Build a 3 Tiered Planter...

how to grow plants in raised beds

How To Grow Plants in Raised Beds

Raised beds are fantastic for those with heavy clay soil and will take the bending out of gardening!

Find out 'How To' Grow Plants in Raised Beds...

how to plant hanging baskets and containers

How To Plant up Containers

Hanging baskets, containers and flower pouches add a whole new dimension to gardening, helping to utilise all the available space.

Find out more on 'How To' Plant up Containers...

how to grow hyacinths

How To Grow your T&M Plants

Whether your plants are delivered as bareroots, bulbs or plugs, follow guides to get your plants off to the best possible start.

Find out 'How To' Grow Your T&M Plants...

how to breed plants at home

How To Breed Plants at Home

Breeding can be fun and very rewarding and every plant you raise has the potential to be unique.

Find out 'How To' Breed Plants at Home...

how to sow small seeds

How To Sow Small Seeds

If you are struggling to sow small seeds take a look at our article for some handy hints and tips to get the best germination rates.

Find out 'How To' Sow Small Seeds...

how to improve your garden soil

How To Improve your Garden Soil

Whether you garden on clay, silt or sand there are steps you can take to improve your soil and get the best performance from your plants.

Find out 'How To' Improve your Garden Soil...

how to control garden weeds

How To Control Garden Weeds

It’s always tempting to reach for the herbicide but there are lots other ways to stop these pesky garden intruders.

Find out 'How To' Control Garden Weeds...

preventing garden pests and diseases

How To Prevent Pests & Diseases

Pest and disease control presents a huge challenge for the gardener. Identifying the cause can often be the hardest part!

Find out 'How To' Prevent Pests & Dieases...

how to encourage garden wildlife

How To Encourage Garden Wildlife

Our native wildlife is under pressure like never before - but with a little effort we can all do our bit to help.

Find out 'How To' Encourage Wildlife...

setting up a drip irrigation system

How To Set up a Drip Irrigation System

There are 3 really good reasons to install a drip irrigation system in your garden - it will save you time, water, and money....

Find out 'How To' Set up an Irrigation System...

how to 'Hygge' your garden

How To 'Hygge' Your Garden

‘Hygge’ seems to play a big part in the Danes boast that their country is one of the happiest nations in the world.....

Find out 'How To' Hygge Your Garden...

how to overwinter tender plants in a cold frame

How To Use A Cold Frame

Store your tender plants over winter in a cold frame so you can continue to enjoy them next year.

Find out 'How To' Overwinter Tender Plants...

setting up a drip irrigation system

How To Warm Up A Cool Evening

Sometimes, it looks so appealing to sit outside whilst the sun goes down, don't be put off by that chilly nip in the air....

Find out 'How To' Warm Up Your Garden...