Wildlife Gardening

For a garden to truly thrive, it needs a good mix of wildlife. Bees, birds, butterflies and garden mammals all play a vital role in the biodiversity of our gardens. Not only do they pollinate plants, they also keep many pests under control.

Our wildlife gardening guides give a great insight into how you can encourage wildlife into your own garden, from simple things like growing wildflowers, to installing ponds and more.

Wildlife bees


Bees are essential pollinators - without them, we can't grow vegetables and flowers.

Wildlife birds


Birds play an important role in gardens by keeping some pests under control.

Wildlife Butterflies


The UK's native butterflies are in decline, but you can help by growing nectar-rich plants.

Garden mammals

Garden mammals

Encouraging garden mammals into your garden is vital for biodiversity and there's lots you can do to help.

Wildlife habitat

Wildlife habitat

With more and more native species under threat, creating a safe place for them in your garden will help populations.

Growing plants for wildlife

Growing plants for wildlife

Growing wildflowers in your garden supports vital insects and animals. Take a look at our guides for more information.

Perfect for pollinators

Perfect for pollinators

There are many plants that are perfect for pollinators, including lavender, buddleja, sunflowers and more.

What to do in your garden

What to do in your garden

Early summer is a wonderful time. The weather is warm and the soil still moist - perfect growing conditions for many of our favourite hardy plants.

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Gardening Guides

Our gardening guides are perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike and give in-depth information on growing plants and seeds, fertilisers, cropping and storing, how-to videos and much more.

Bird Care Range

It's important to keep our feathered friends well fed through the winter months or if adverse weather conditions mean that their food supplies are diminished. Bird feeders, bird baths and tables where birds can feed out of the way of predators, are essential to keeping bird populations healthy.

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