garden mammals

Garden Mammals

Most gardens will be visited by at least some of our native mammals on a regular basis, even city centre gardens! Most British garden mammals are nocturnal so we may not see them often but they will leave signs of their visit such as tracks in the ground, food remains or droppings.

Many gardeners will find some visitors are more desirable than others due to the damage that they may cause to plants and property. But itÂ’s important to remember that even the less cuddly or more destructive garden mammals play a vital role in the biodiversity of your garden. Take a look at our informative articles to learn how to encourage garden mammals to visit your garden.

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The ultimate gardener's friend, hedgehogs love nothing more than munching on slugs and snails. But they need our help.

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Bats feed on insects such as midges, mosquitoes, moths and beetles, acting as extremely good natural pest control for your garden.

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Growing fruit trees and shrubs can help to provide nearby badger populations with a regular food supply.

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Now a regular sight in gardens, foxes are opportunists, but will be grateful for some shelter in a quiet spot.

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gardening guides

Gardening guides

Our gardening guides are perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike and give in-depth information on growing plants and seeds, fertilisers, cropping and storing, how-to videos and much more.

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