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Your Winter Hanging Basket Master Class

Sometimes our gardens can be slightly depressing and dull in winter, but why should our gardens suffer? You can create beautiful hanging basket displays for your garden this winter in 10 easy steps. Let our expert, Michael Perry (our Product Development Manager) guide you with his helpful video and top tips in creating your best winter hanging displays. Find more basket planting inspiration and how-to guides at our dedicated hanging basket hub page.

Michael's Top Tips for Basket Success

1. Don't cut corners with compost; always buy the best quality that you can afford.

2. Mix in Incredibloom® when planting, so your plants have all the 'vitamins' they need from the word go.

3. You can put your basket straight outside too; no need to give your plants any under glass protection.

4. Use our Easy Fill hanging basket to get a head start on your trailing growth; this amazing basket even allows you to plant around the sides.

5. Don't add water retaining gel to winter baskets - they could make things too soggy during winter rain and snow thaw.

6. Have some horticultural fleece to hand, ready to drape around your basket displays if we do get a prolonged cold snap.

7. Check for watering needs regularly - cold winter winds can be as drying as hot summer sun!

8. Offer a top up feed as growth takes off in spring to ensure the longest life from your seasonal basket plants.

9. Add one or two, evergreen winter-flowering/fruiting shrubs to your baskets for extra interest and height.

10. Check for watering needs regularly - cold winter winds can be as drying as hot summer sun!

Products you will need

View our winter hanging basket master class here

There are many winter flowers that thrive in hanging baskets - take a look at our winter flowers hub for inspiration!

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