Truffle Tree - Hazel Kentish CobHazel, Filbert, Cobnut

Hardy Tree

What is Hardy Tree?
Woody plant, usually having a permanent framework of branches. Capable of withstanding outdoor winter temperatures down to -15C.


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Height Up to 300cm (118in)
Spread Up to 300cm (118in)

Hardy Tree

kitchen gardencottage gardensspecimen plantwoodland garden

sun or semi shade

Flowering Months Harvest Months

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Prized by top chefs, Truffles are the gold-dust of the kitchen, being both hard to come by and commanding a high price tag in the shops. These underground fungi have a rich mushroom taste which adds an intense flavour to savoury dishes.

Crops are produced at the roots of trees which have been inoculated with the truffle spores, and take 4-7 years to develop. Once established, you will be able to harvest crops for up to 25 years, making this a real investment for the future.

Our truffle trees are supplied as young, one year old, bare root saplings which will grow to form an attractive tree over the years.

Hazelnut 'Kentish Cob' is probably the best-known variety of Cobnut in the UK, and easiest to grow in the garden. This attractive, bushy tree produces a mass of yellow-green catkins in the early spring followed a heavy crop of cobnuts in from September.

Hazels will begin to produce nuts three to four years after planting, so you can enjoy tasty crops of nuts while you are waiting for your truffles to grow! Height and spread: 3m (9').

1 Hazel Tree one year old tree approximately 40-60cm tall (KC5389)
1 bare root tree (KB9858)

How to Grow

Truffle trees require a neutral soil pH of 7.3-7.6 to grow at their best. These bareroot trees should be planted immediately on arrival. Choose a sheltered position on moist, well drained soil in sun or semi shade.

More Info

Keep weeds and grass clear from within a 30cm radius of base of the tree. Water young trees during particularly dry periods until fully established.

Truffles can take 4-7 years to develop, so patience is required. There are several methods of locating mature truffles. If you notice cracks in the soil at the base of the tree then this often indicates where truffles have developed. Another indicator is the presence of small truffle flies hovering above a particular spot. Finally, you can simply get on your hands and knees and use your nose!

Try to avoid digging indiscriminately around the base of your tree as this is destructive to the root system and can destroy future crops. Instead take a careful approach and scrape the soil back gently in the specific areas where you believe a truffle to be located.


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