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Root Stimulator Boost 1 Litre


Improves nutrient and water uptake by roots

Stimulates root growth

Aids plant propagation for seeds and cuttings

Improves root quality

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Root Stimulator Boost is a liquid plant based alternative to synthetic hormone rooting powders, made from seaweed and herb extracts. It aids the production of plant auxins , which are the plant hormones that promote root formation, making roots develop and grow. Root Stimulator Boost can be applied to cuttings, seeds [ once leaves emeged ], Plug Plants and re-potting plants. Root Stimulator Boost can also be used to help newly seeded lawns develop better root systems.

Root Stimulator Boost 1 Litre (DFGC-1265)


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Root Stimulator Boost 1 Litre

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