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Garden Machinery Safety Tips


Using a chainsaw safely
- Wearing a hard hat and a pair of goggles is recommended. The goggles will protect your eyes against flying splinters and chips.
- Read the manufacturer's instructions before use.
- Whilst you are working, please ensure all people and animals are kept back from your working area.
- Hold the chainsaw firmly with both hands.
- Do not operate a chain saw in a tree. Operation of a chain saw while up in a tree may result in personal injury.
- Carry the chain saw by the front handle with the chain saw switched off and away from your body. When transporting or storing the chain saw always fit the guide bar cover.
- Ensure you position the saw so your body is clear of the line of cut to avoid injury from kickback.
- Only accelerate the engine while cutting.

Size of chainsaw
We sell a selection of chainsaws in various sizes, each are measured by engine size. Engine size is the measurement used for the size of a petrol engine measured in cubic centimetres (cc). The higher the number, the more power and the tougher jobs your chainsaw can tackle.

Lawn Mowers

- Read the operator’s manual for safety instructions.
- Remove debris from the grass area before cutting (sticks, stones, etc.)
- Keep children and pets a safe distance away from lawn mowers.
- Keep your feet and hands away from blades when starting and running the lawn mower engine.
- Take care when working with petrol powered lawn mowers. Petrol can be extremely flammable. Always use a spout when filling to avoid spills. Only refuel the engine when it is shut off and cool.
- Don't leave a running engine unattended.

Hedge Trimmers

- Don't use electrical hedge trimmers in damp conditions
- If you're using a mains powered trimmer, make sure you use a residual current device (RCD) that will cut off the electricity if you accidentally cut the cable.
- Avoid using powered hedge trimmers above shoulder height.
- If you're using a ladder, make sure it is placed on even ground.
- Make sure you hold your hedge trimmer securely with both hands at all times.