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1. I have received an email confirming my order had been shipped but it has not arrived yet? As you have received a despatch notification, please rest assured that your order is on its way. Please allow up to 4 days for the delivery of your goods, however if this time has passed, please get in touch and we will happily look into this matter for you.

2. My order has not yet been dispatched and I am going on holiday? If you are planning to be away during the time your plants are due to arrive, please let us know and we will happily add an alternative delivery address or delivery instructions to your order. Due to the nature of our products, we are unable to suspend or speed up deliveries.

3. I have not yet received my order, when will it be dispatched? We aim to have all orders dispatched within the month advised at the time of placing your order. Please note that deliveries will be sent throughout the whole of the advised month. If for any reason we are not able to fulfill these promised dates, we will be in touch by either letter or email.

4. I am unable to log on to the My Orders facility online - To have access to our My Orders page, please ensure that you register an email address with us. If this is the case, please enter the details as they appear on your account, ensuring that a space is left in between your postcode.

Hot Topics

1. I would like to encourage more foliage to my plants, what is the best way to do this? To ensure that your plants are given the best possible start, feed them every 7-10 days with a High Nitrogen Feed. This will ensure the leaves and stems of young plants have the strongest start. Why not have a look at our Chempak range for our full range of fertilizers available.

2. How many plants can I plant in a 12" basket and how far apart do I need to plant them? The number of plants will vary depending on the variety that you have purchased. Please see our hanging basket planting guide for useful information on this topic.

3. My plants have arrived yellow and are a little dry, will they be ok? - Please do not be concerned, this is due to the warm weather that we are currently experiencing and the lack of light they have experienced whilst in transit. We suggest opening your plants right away and giving them a good drink before potting on. Once potted your plants should pick up within the next few days.

4. My bareroots are showing no sign of life, are they ok? Your bareroots may still be dormant and are taking a little longer than normal to wake up. Now all risk of frost has passed and the ground is starting to warm up, you should start to see life in the next few weeks. To ensure that your plants are healthy, you can carry out a simple bark test. Gently scrap away the bark at the base of the stem and if it appears to be green or if there is a slight residue then your plants are perfectly healthy.