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Facebook Q&A Session 15th June 2012

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Q&A Session 15th June 2012 - Your horticultural questions answered.

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Name: Be Jal

Question: Can lupin plants be divided? if so when is the best time to do so?

Answer: Hi Be Jal. Lupins have a deep tap root which means that they are rather difficult to divide - but it is sometimes possible depending on the size of the clump to be divided. If you can ensure that each portion will have its own roots then it is worth a go. They should be divided in early spring or autumn for the best results so unfortunately you have missed your chance for now, until October time.

Generally however, Lupins are best propagated by basal cuttings which can be taken from March to April and will usually root fairly quickly in a sharp draining compost mix. Choose some young shoots and slice them off with a sharp knife at just below ground level where they join the main rootstock. Stick several cuttings into the compost around the edge of a 1 litre pot immediately after cutting them. Stand the pot in a saucer of water to keep the compost moist for a few weeks while they are rooting in. Hope that helps Be Jal. Best of luck with them.

Name: Steve Linden Wyatt

Question: I have side shoots on my tall rose (non-climbing) should I cut them off?

Answer: Hello Steve. Are the shoots growing from below the graft point - you will spot this as a bulge close to the base of the plant where the main stem is attached to the rootstock. If they are shooting from below this point then you should cut them off as these stems belong to the rootstock and not the variety that you are actually trying to grow. You should also remove any suckers that grow from soil level for the same reason.