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Gardens are great, but a garden with a shed, summerhouse or log cabin; well that's simply fantastic. We're proud to stock a range of high quality products from Waltons Garden Buildings. With products designed and made in the UK, Waltons is the place to go to for innovative design, and long lasting quality. Just like Thompson and Morgan, they have a long and rich history, having been established in 1878, so let's take a greater look at how it all began!

Beginnings: bees, the boom and bungalows

Way back in 1878, E.C Walton, decided to set up shop making beehives. Knowledge of his carpentry skills began to spread, and soon he was making chicken-coops too. However the move to buildings came from a rather unexpected silver lining from the disease of tuberculosis. Time spent in a summerhouse was seen as a way to cure the patient, and so by 1900, the company became E.C Waltons & Co.

Medals for excellence began to roll in and the the boom years soon followed. A new factory, a new owner in the way of E.C Walton's son, and a brand new line of "bungalows", starting at £36, saw huge growth for the company.

However that commitment to quality that started with beehives never left, even with the handing down of the torch; testament to this is that next to the Waltons factory, there still stands a bungalow which was built way back in 1920!

Waltons and the war

During WWII the factory was commandeered by the War Ministry for storage purposes, though some building did continue. In 1939, there were 600 staff on the payroll, but with the war reducing output, and machinery doing a lot of the work, this number sadly had to drop.

As the war ended, there was another change at the helm. E.D.L's son, G.C.D Walton, took over, and with that, Waltons effectively began again. Out with the bungalows, and back in with the coops, the summerhouses, the greenhouses, and without doubt Waltons' most popular product: garden sheds.

Through sheds (a lot of them), innovations like greenhouses with "unbreakable glass" and a modular house that made its way to the front of the Sunday Times, G.C.D Walton re-built the company.

Waltons today

Waltons has come a long way from the beekeeping days of E.C Walton. The days of 600 men working by hand are gone. Instead custom built, highly precisioned machinery creates perfectly proportioned boards, ready to make up a tongue and groove shed, a log cabin or anything in between.

Waltons is proud to design and build the vast majority of its products in the UK, using ethically sourced wood that is FSC certified. T&M meanwhile, is proud to stock Waltons, as we know that whenever we sell a garden building, it is the best garden building that can be.


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