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Trailing plants – more info

Trailing plants evoke the laid back style of a cottage garden. Draping languidly over hard edges and swinging in the breeze over a seating area, bring a relaxed quality whilst curating a certain look. If that is a paired back tonal palette of whites and greys, simply opt for delicate cloudlike sprays of white bacopa ‘Snowtopia’ with Petunia 'Trailing Surfinia White'. Trailing plants don’t have to be in a hanging basket either. Planting a ring of trailing plants around the edges of a raised patio pot creates a lovely overflowing effect.

Can I plant trailing plants in pots?

Trailing plants are perfect for large patio pots. They grow happily in small pots too but you’ll miss out on the cascade made possible with a tall rim. Not all trailing plants are created equal, with different heights making them suitable for different looks. Surfinia petunias trail for up to 90cm so if you’d rather not be tripping over the lovely stems opt for a more compact osteospermum 'Falling Stars™' which trails up to 45cm.

What’s the best food for trailing plants?

Any quality flowering plant food will help your trailing plants put on healthy growth. During the growing period in spring use a high nitrogen liquid feed to encourage good green growth. Switch to high phosphorous feed in early summer to support flower production. Add a handful of slow release fertiliser to your potting mix when you plant to keep them ticking over until the autumn.

Which trailing plants have the strongest scent?

Petunia 'Frills & Spills™ Susanna' is strongly scented petunia with medium length trailing stems. The ruffled blooms are a delicate lime in the centre turning to pure white at the edges of the frilly petals. Other members of the Frills & Spills™ petunia range have delightfully scented blooms in a fun range of colours on long trailing stems.

Another scent superstar is Begonia 'Fragrant Falls Improved™ - Apricot Delight'. The double flowers produce a strong fragrance which develops as the day progresses. These blooms are weather resistant too and thrive in shady conditions. Half-hardy geraniums like the ‘Rosebud Collection’ and ‘White Pearl’ have gently scented foliage when lightly rubbed between thumb and forefinger.

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