Thompson & Morgan in Partnership with SmartPlant™

Thompson & Morgan has a long-standing reputation as the UK's leading mail order seed and plant company. We've teamed up with SmartPlant™ to deliver simple, bespoke, expert advice on how to get the best out of your indoor and outdoor plants direct to your phone.

The SmartPlant™ app gives you the confidence and expertise to care for your plants as well as inspiration for your home and garden.

Meconopsis 'Lingholm', SmartPlant™ and Sunflower 'SunBelievable™ Brown Eyed Girl'

Download the SmartPlant™ app

To guarantee beautiful, healthy plants all year round download the SmartPlant™ app using your mobile/tablet. Scan your plants for simple monthly instructions and expert advice.

Download the SmartPlant™ app and use promo code tmsp to activate your one month FREE premium membership!

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