rootgrow™ seed & bulb companion

rootgrow™ Seed Companion

Your Friendly Mycorrhizal Fungi

Give your seeds and plants the best start in life. Within 4 weeks, seedlings and plants will grow a huge secondary root system which will support them for their entire life. A one-off treatment - once added no further applications are required:

  • - Better uptake of nutrients leading to better and more flowers and fruit
  • - Only one application required
  • - Healthier and more even growth
  • - Increased resistance to damping off

rootgrow™ was originally launched in 2004 as a soil additive to stimulate outstanding root growth in newly planted shrubs. Since its introduction huge interest has been shown in its amazing ability to improve the quality of seedlings and plants as they develop and it is frequently mentioned on TV and in the press rootgrow™ is a Mycorrhizal Fungi attached to an inert carrier. Once in contact with the plant’s roots the fungi rapidly develop, acting as a secondary root system for most plants. Plants are able to draw in more nutrients and become stronger, producing more flowers and fruit.

How to use

Small Seeds:

1. Fill the seed tray or 9cm pot with compost.

2. Sprinkle 10g per seed tray / 1g per 9cm pot evenly over the compost.

3. Cover with 1cm of compost.

4. Sow the seeds on this level of compost as directed on the seed packet.

Larger Seeds & Bulbs (using a dibber):

1. Dib a hole 1cm deeper than the recommended planting depth.

2. Sprinkle a pinch (5ml) of rootgrow into the hole.

3. Sprinkle 1cm of compost into the hole.

4. Plant the seed or bulb as directed on packet.

Seeds sown into soil:

1. Dig the planting trench twice the recommended depth.

2. Sprinkle a line of rootgrow into the bottom of the trench.

3. Backfill halfway with soil and plant the seeds at the recommended depth.

Also suitable for container and plug plants:

1. Sprinkle rootgrow evenly into the base of the hole prior to transplanting.

rootgrow™ - Manufactured under licence granted by The Royal Horticultural Society

rootgrow™ seed & bulb companion

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