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Seed Grow Kit Microgreens Aromatic

Hardy Annual

What is Hardy Annual?
A plant that completes its entire life cycle (growth, reproduction, death) in one season.
Capable of withstanding outdoor winter temperatures down to -15C.


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An aromatic mix of microgreens plus all the kit that you'll need to grow them!

Delicious in salads and sandwiches

Grow all year round


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We’ve brought together an aromatic mix of microgreens to bring a taste sensation to your salads, wraps and sandwiches! This flavoursome blend brings together Garlic Chives, Salad Rocket ‘Victoria’, Mustard ‘Red Carpet’, Mizuna ‘Green Mix’ and Perilla/Shiso ‘Red’ delivering on both taste and visual appeal.

Microgreens are eaten as young seedlings prior to the first true leaves forming, when they are full of an intense range of flavours. A quick and easy crop that can be grown all year round indoors or in a warm greenhouse.

This all-in-one growing kit contains everything you will need to grow your own delicious microgreens including biodegradeable growing pots, expandable plugs, labels and snips!

1 x microgreen grow kit (KB5570)

Sow microgreens thickly in pots or trays, on the surface of a good quality, free draining seed compost. Do NOT soak the seed prior to sowing. Water gently to settle the soil. Grow on a bright, sunny windowsill at an average temperature of 21-25C (70-75F). Do not exclude light as this aids germination. In winter, pots can be sealed inside a clear plastic bag or placed in a propagator to maintain adequate germination temperatures. Sow seed every 10 days for a continuous supply. When using the coir discs, set on a tray or saucer, add lukewarm water and they expand up to 7 times their size. Add water in stages if needed. Once expanded, drain excess water and place each expanded pellet into one of the supplied biodegradable pots. Firm down to knock out any air gaps in the pots. Water again before sowing to ensure the biodegradable pot is full saturated and takes on a darker appearance. Keep this pot moist at all time during germination and growing.
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Keep the compost reliably moist until seedlings have developed. Microgreens can be harvested from around 10 -14 days after germination, when seedlings are around 5cm (2") tall.

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Seed Grow Kit Microgreens Aromatic

Seed Grow Kit Microgreens Aromatic

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