Pea and Runner Bean Wigwam Teepee - Garden Support Frame Kit


Outdoor obelisk-style wigwam support frame for growing sweet and climbing peas, runner, green and French beans and other vigorous climbing plants

Assembles in minutes - no work, no fuss and no tools needed!

Robust, weather-proof plastic coated steel tubes to withstand rain, frost, wind and cold for many years of use.

Wigwam kit includes: 12 x 1.2m plastic coated steel tubes (11mm diameter), 6 connectors (join tubes with connectors to form 6 x 2.4m plant stakes) and jute twine

Fulfilled and sold by Gardenskill


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A strong yet simple wigwam offering complete support for runner beans and other tall climbing crops. Can also be used to grow peas and other vigorous climbing plants. These vertical supports create an attractive, eye-catching feature in your garden when your beans and peas are fully grown.

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Bean & Pea Wigwam (GSK2157)


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