What is Incredibloom?

Incredibloom® is a ground-breaking innovation in premium fertilisers. It guarantees that your plants will be fed the correct nutrients as and when they need them. The controlled slow release sets new standards in fertiliser quality thanks to its continuous delivery of nitrogen, phosphates and potash throughout the entire growing season of the plant. It acts fast because the controlled release of the nitrogen, the soil temperature and the moisture levels that govern the release of the nitrogen, all match the plant's requirements. The unique double nitrogen technology means that there's no waste, no burning and the fertiliser gives an immediate and long-term effect.

The results of our trials really have demonstrated the benefits of using the right fertiliser and with such dramatic results, it's a false economy not to add Incredibloom® to your order.

Remember, incredibloom® is a complete plant fertiliser with an excellent balance of NPK and trace elements. One easy application means that there’s no messing around with liquid feeds and no wastage as the plant only uses what it requires.

Give it a try - we’re sure you’ll notice incredible results! If you don’t see any improvement from your normal fertiliser, we will give you your money back.

Pictures say a thousand words, so don’t forget to send us photographs of your results and you could win a £100 Thompson & Morgan e-voucher

If you're still not convinced, why not try our starter pack? Use it on half of your plants to see the difference and we will give you a £4.99 voucher back when you buy the 750g pack.

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