Garden Ready Plants

The fast track to a hassle-free garden - just plant, water and enjoy! Our garden ready plants are selected for garden performance, straight from the nursery. We send ours before they flower, hardened off, at the perfect time for planting out. Plants will establish quickly and all their energy goes into producing better roots, so they produce more flowers throughout the season.

Pre-planted Baskets

A selection of customer favourites, in durable pre-planted baskets, delivered ready for display, for easy enjoyment and easy upkeep. Each basket is guaranteed to put on an impressive display right through summer - simply hang, water, feed and enjoy their vibrant summer shades.

Pre-planted Pots

Look no further than our pre-planted pots for easy, no fuss colour through to autumn. We've taken the hard work out of creating wonderfully colourful garden displays - simply order our pre-planted pots and put them where you'll most enjoy their vibrant summer colour.

Large Potted Plants

Our selection of larger mature plants makes the perfect fit for instant impact in your garden. With over 1000 varieties to choose from, our range includes 2-4 litre potted shrubs and 1-3 litre potted perennials all with a proven track record for hardiness, ease of care and garden performance. Your plants will arrive hardened off and ready to be planted in your garden.

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