Facebook Q&A Session 22nd February 2013


Thompson & Morgan Facebook Q&A Session 22nd February 2013 - Your horticultural questions answered.

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Name: Pat Isherwood

Question: Can I grow Hibiscus in Cornwall, I have a greenhouse?

Answer: Hi Pat, you could certainly grow the tender Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Chinese or Hawaiian hibiscus) in a greenhouse, moving it outdoors to the patio in the summer if preferred. Unfortunately it wouldn’t survive a winter outdoors; even in Cornwall so would need to be kept frost-free throughout the winter. Tender Hibiscus plants originate from tropical habitats and appreciate long hot summers for the best flowering, so place them in a sunny, sheltered spot or keep them in the greenhouse. You can also buy hardy hibiscus plants such as Hibiscus syriacus which are fully hardy in the UK and very low maintenance. Hibiscus moscheutos (Swamp rose mallow) is half-hardy and slightly more tolerant of cool conditions than the tropical varieties, but will still appreciate some winter protection in the greenhouse. I hope this helps Pat, good luck.

Name: John Hulme

Question: Do I cut back a potted hardy bush fuchsia (Delta’s Sarah)?

Answer: Hi John, hardy Fuchsias such as 'Delta’s Sarah' can be cut right back to a low permanent framework (about 20cm (8") above soil level) in the spring as they flower on current year’s growth. Wait until the weather starts to warm up and the buds begin to swell before pruning, making your cuts just a above a pair of buds. As your Fuchsia is growing in a pot, make sure you sprinkle some slow-release fertiliser such as our Fuchsia fertiliser on the compost surface to help the plant with new growth this season. I hope this helps John.

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