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Entry Rules and Conditions - Flowers and Vegetables for Breeding and Selection

Thompson & Morgan is offering a £500 reward if you can find or create a new plant. To order your FREE copy of our 'Guide to Plant Breeding at Home' leaflet to find out how click here.

1. Sending a sample to us shall constitute acceptance of these rules by the sender.

2. All rights in relation to the Material in question shall be owned exclusively by T&M in perpetuity.

3. Please note that any Material sent to us cannot be returned under any circumstances and that we shall not be obliged to enter into correspondence.

4. Please note that entries from or on behalf of those involved in commercial activities related to seed growing or breeding or from employees of the Thompson & Morgan Group (“T&M”) or connected persons shall be void.

5. Material will be selected for trial at T&M’s absolute discretion. Trials will usually take two years and will be carried out on a confidential basis at T&M’s breeding site. Visitors are not permitted.

6. Assessments regarding performance of the Material and its suitability for inclusion in T&M’s seed and plants ranges will be made by T&M at its sole discretion.

7. If items shall be selected for placing into commercial level production, entrants will be contacted accordingly and offered a one-off payment of £500 will be made, subject to our standard terms.

8. Although T&M is happy to receive suggestions for appropriate names for the new variety it reserves the right to name the new material as it sees fit at its absolute discretion.

9. Please note that any obligations of T&M under these arrangements shall cease if the Material has been offered to or accepted by another horticultural business.

©Thompson & Morgan Limited

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