Best Water Features

Water features invigorate the senses when you're relaxing at home, or enjoying the fruits of your labour when in the garden. The gentle flow creates a relaxing soundtrack, while the trickling, shooting or cascading sight of water adds another visual element to your outside space. But with so many styles available, it can be hard to pick. So, we've come up with a guide, that starts in Neverland!

Fairies & Fantasy

Puck, Tinkerbell and The Fairy Godmother in your garden? Why the devil not! Yes, the world of fantasy has thrown up many different characters, but fairies have always had an endearing benevolence that has helped them to stand the test of time.

So, if you want something magical in your garden, then cast your eyes on our solar powered fairy water feature, perfect for adding a bit of sparkle, while using a spark from the sun. But for a water feature that looks just like its been zapped with a healthy dose of fairy dust, then our top pick would have to be the Liliana Cascade; solar powered and a perfect focal point.

Creative Cascades

Some shoot water, some allow it to trickle, but for many, a cascading water feature is the best way to go. Not only do they offer a multi-layered aesthetic that makes for a fantastic centerpiece, but with many options available, there is a choice for everyone.

The Cascading Rock Pool Water Feature really does create a dramatic focal point, whether in the day or during the night. A lower cost alternative, that can be used indoors or out, and that is perfect for all manner of tastes, is the Cascading Pot Water Feature: our top pick!

Light & Bright

When the sun goes to bed for the evening it's easy to think that your garden goes dormant but there is often a hidden treasure trove of activity out there. So light it up, add the soundtrack of a water fountain and create a lovely ambience to while the evening away.

For larger spaces, this extra large light up rock pool water feature is a great choice, but if that's too daunting, we've got another great choice for you. Our Cascading Rock Pool Water Feature is our top pick. It's a mains powered beauty, that will really brighten up your garden.

Pond Perfect

Adding a water feature to an outside pond is great way to accentuate your garden relaxation. With an easy to install solar powered water feature, you can make an already interesting pond, a veritable feast of the sense.

Our top pick for pond-perfect water features is our Solar Floating Lily Pad Fountain. Easy to install and completely self contained it's a no fuss option that fits in well with any pond.

Indoors & Out

Sometimes, be it a conservatory, a summerhouse or that room in the house that needs a bit of a clear out, a bit of imagination is needed for a real transformation to take place. With an indoor water feature, you can create a special space that's really striking.

Cascading, light up and decoratively designed, the range of water features that work for indoors is both plentiful, and unique. While we can't make your wishes come true, we do have a top pick that's both fun and calming. The Wishing Well Water Feature is waiting to take your wishes, and because it's weatherproof, is suitable for use outdoors too.

Keep it Dry?

After something to add to your garden but aren't quite after a water feature? Well, with our collection of garden ornaments, you can create extra interest in your garden, without a drop of water in sight! If you need any more help, then feel free to message us on Facebook.

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