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Seed Sowing Times

The actual date when you sow your seeds will vary from season to season and also with the area in which you live. In a cold, late season for example, it is beneficial to sow later than usual, as earlier sowings will most probably suffer from the untypically cold weather they experience. Later sowings will often catch up and do just as well as early sowings made in cold weather, which may have to struggle just to keep going. Likewise, in cold Northern areas you may have to sow several weeks later than in warmer areas for the same reason.

Our recommendations are merely a guide which should be set against current weather conditions and your own experience of when sowings are made in your area.

Light/ Dark

Until germination, seeds needing light should be placed in subdued lighting out of direct sunlight and should have no newspaper, brown paper etc. placed over the trays. Seeds needing dark for germination should be placed in total darkness.


Most reputable seed composts will be quite adequate unless we have indicated a special type such as Ericaceous etc. On no account should potting composts which have additional fertilisers be used.

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