Veggiemesh Insect Mesh Netting For Vegetables

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Keep out cabbage root fly, carrot fly, cabbage white butterfly, pea moth, leek moth, cutworm, onion fly, leaf miners and many species of aphids

Mesh size:1.35mm. Light passage = 90% and air passage = 95%.

The weight is approx. 55gms/sq.m.

Protect your vegetables and soft fruit from a range of insect pests, birds, rabbits and the weather

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Veggiemesh is ideal for protecting fruit and vegetables against various types of insect pests. Covering fruit and vegetables with Veggiemesh will ensure that your garden crops are well protected throughout the seasons while also offering protection from adverse weather conditions.

Veggiemesh will protect your crops and keep out a large range of common pests including leaf miners, onion fly, cutworm, leak moth, pea moth, cabbage white butterfly, carrot fly, cabbage root fly and many other species of aphids.

Fruit and vegetables may be covered all year round, from the planting stage right up until harvest. When you are growing fruit, just lift up the mesh so that bees will be able to pollinate your crop.

Veggiemesh is extremely lightweight, meaning you will be able to lay it directly over your crops. All you have to do is ensure that there is enough growing room. As well as this, you can place it perfectly over any garden cage or garden hoops. Once the mesh is on, ensure there are no gaps so that the pests are unable to get through.

Mesh size:1.35mm. Light passage = 90% and air passage = 95%. The weight is approx. 55gms/sq.m. Yarn Thickness is 0.24mm.

Once you have planted or sown, cover them with Veggiemesh immediately to ensure a perfect crop protection. You will be able to water and feed through the mesh.

If you need to cut the Veggiemesh, you will be able to do this with scissors. It can be washed in the washing machine on a wool cycle and it can last for up to 10 years.

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Veggiemesh 1.8 x 3m Pack (VM183)

Veggiemesh 1.8 x 5m (VM185)

Veggiemesh 1.8 x 10m (VM1810)

Veggiemesh 1.8 x 20m (VM1820)

Veggiemesh Roll 1.8m x 50m (VM1850)

Veggiemesh Roll 1.8m x 100m (VM18100)

Veggiemesh 2.1 x 3m (VM213)

Veggiemesh 2.1 x 5m (VM215)

Veggiemesh 2.1 x 10m (VM2110)

Veggiemesh 2.1 x 20m (VM2120)

Veggiemesh Roll 2.1m x 50m (VM2150)

Veggiemesh Roll 2.1m x 100m (VM21100)

Veggiemesh 2.6 x 3m (VM263)

Veggiemesh 2.6 x 5m (VM265)

Veggiemesh 2.6 x 10m (VM2610)

Veggiemesh 2.6 x 20m (VM2620)

Veggiemesh Roll 2.6m x 50m (VM2650)

Veggiemesh Roll 2.6m x 100m (VM26100)

Veggiemesh 3.6 x 5m (VM365)

Veggiemesh 3.6 x 10m (VM3610)

Veggiemesh 3.6 x 20m (VM3620)

Veggiemesh Roll 3.6m x 50m (VM3650)

Veggiemesh 3.6 x 3m (VM363)

Veggiemesh Roll 3.6m x 100m (VM36100)

Veggiemesh 4.2 x 3m (VM423)

Veggiemesh 4.2 x 5m (VM425)

Veggiemesh 4.2 x 10m (VM4210)

Veggiemesh 4.2 x 20m (VM4220)

Veggiemesh Roll 4.2m x 50m (VM4250)

Veggiemesh Roll 4.2m x 100m (VM42100)

Veggiemesh 5.6 x 3m (VM563)

Veggiemesh 5.6 x 5m (VM565)

Veggiemesh 5.6 x 10m (VM5610)

Veggiemesh Roll 5.6m x 50m (VM5650)


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Veggiemesh Insect Mesh Netting For Vegetables

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