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Sweet pea seeds – more info

The annual sweet pea flower has a well-deserved spot in every cut flower garden for its long-stemmed, scented blooms and colourful petals. Did you know there’s a nectar rich perennial sweet pea? Or that there’s a sweet pea that matures at 20cm high? Our FAQs below are packed with pointers to help you fill your garden with sweet peas.

Which sweet pea has the strongest scent?

Sweet pea ‘Matucana’ is regarded as the most powerfully scented sweet pea. This heirloom variety produces fragrant, mid-sized, bi-colour blooms in pink and mauve that look their best scrambling up an obelisk in the middle of a bed. Just one or two of these blooms is enough to scent an entire room.

Which sweet pea seeds produce the longest flower stems?

Long flower stems are what you want if you’re growing your sweet peas for cut flowers. Modern breeding has improved stem length without compromising on scent in collections like sweet pea 'Scent Infusion'. Try modern varieties in the cut flower garden and remember to keep cutting to encourage more and more flowers to appear.

Which sweet pea varieties are best for growing a pot?

Dwarf sweet pea varieties like Sweet Pea 'Sugar n Spice'™ and Sweet Pea 'Pink Cupid' are both beautiful miniatures. Neither variety will grow beyond 20cm so they won’t outgrow a pot or hanging basket. These shorter types also make great ground cover while delivering plenty of colourful blooms.

What is the best type of sweet pea for large flowers?

Spencer type sweet pea varieties are bred to produce large flowers suitable for the show bench. Expect to see large, frilly petals on long stems. Their scent is still strong but the focus is firmly on their impressive flower size and eye-catching colour. Another large-flowered variety is ‘Tara’. These bright pink blooms have frilly petals that are especially eye-catching. Read our guide to growing sweet peas to help you grow exhibition-worthy blooms!

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