Behind The Genes Garden Plant List

The Behind the Scenes garden is located in the Discovery area of the Great Pavilion (Stand GPA154) and offers a visually inspiring insight into the process of plant breeding and explains the techniques used to bring about improvements in plant species.

See a list of all the fantastic varieties on display in the garden below.

RHS Chelsea 2019 Plant List 
Agapanthus FIREWORKS ('Mdb001') RHS AGMLilium 'Coldplay' (Colour Carpet Series)
Ajuga tenorii PRINCESS NADIA ('Piotrek01') PBRLilium 'Diantha' PBR
Begonia x tuberhybrida FRAGRANT FALLS APRICOT DELIGHT ('Tmbg0802')Lilium 'Festive Joy'
Begonia x tuberhybrida FRAGRANT FALLS ORANGE ('Tmbg1307')Lilium 'Peppermint Joy'
Buddleja davidii BUTTERFLY TOWER ('Tobud1305')Lilium 'Perfect Day'
Chlorophytum saundersiae 'Starlight' PBRLilium 'Pink Zsar'
Choisya ternata SUNDANCE ('Lich' ) RHS AGMLilium ROSELILY NATALIA ('DL04544)' PBR
Clematis 'Kokonoe' PBRLilium 'Sparkling Joy'
Clematis LITTLE LEMONS ('Zo14100')Lilium 'Star Gazer'
Dahlia 'Néo' Plants for PollinatorsNepeta NEPTUNE ('Bokratune') Plants for Pollinators
Dahlia 'Painted Madam' Plants for PollinatorsOsteospermum ecklonis 'Purple Sun'
Dahlia 'Smokey' Plants for PollinatorsPisum sativum 'Bingo' PBR Semi leafless Shelling
Digitalis purpurea Plants for PollinatorsPisum sativum 'Filby' Leafless
Digitalis purpurea 'Primrose Carousel' (Carousel Series) Plants for PollinatorsPisum sativum 'Jumbo' RHS AGM Leafless
Digitalis x valinii ILLUMINATION PINK ('Tmdgfp001') PBR Plants for PollinatorsPisum sativum 'Kelvedon Wonder' RHS AGM Wrinkled Pea
Digitalis x valinii ILLUMINATION RUBY SLIPPERS ('Tmdg1204') PBR Plants for PollinatorsPisum sativum MANGETOUT 'Shiraz'
Geranium ROZANNE ('Gerwat') PBR RHS AGM Plants for PollinatorsPisum sativum MANGETOUT 'Snow Wind' PBR RHS AGM Semi leafless
Helianthus annuus SUNBELIEVABLE BROWN EYED GIRL ('Sunbeliv01')Pisum sativum PETIT POIS 'Ceresa'
Hydrangea RUNAWAY BRIDE SNOW WHITE ('Ushyd0405')Pisum sativum SUGARSNAP 'Sugar Lace' PBR RHS AGM Semi leafless
Impatiens hawkeri WILD ROMANCE ('White')Salvia officinalis 'Purpurascens' RHS AGM Plants for Pollinators
Lathyrus odoratus 'Bijou Blue'Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'
Lathyrusodoratus 'Snoopea Pink Mixed'Vaccinium angustifolium
Lathyrus x hammettii 'Turquoise Lagoon'Viola riviniana Purpurea Group


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