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plants for a purpose

Plants for a Purpose

We all have a tricky area in the garden where nothing seems to grow. Sometimes you simply need to choose the right plant for the right place! Our informative Plants for a Purpose guides will help you do just that. Whether you have clay soil, a windy, coastal position or suffer from drought in your borders, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how many plants you can choose from that will thrive in your garden.

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drought resistant plants

Drought Resistant Plants

With our increasingly hot summers drought-resistant plants are becoming particularly useful for gardeners. Many plants around the world are naturally adapted to growing in dry conditions.

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plants for sunny and dry borders

Plants for Sunny & Dry Borders

Drought-tolerant plants are capable of coping with hot and dry conditions, although provided you water regularly, you needn’t be limited to drought-tolerant plants alone.

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plants for coastal gardens and exposed sites

Plants for Coastal Gardens

If you garden on the coast or your garden is exposed to strong winds then this is the guide for you!

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plants for wildlife

Plants for Wildlife

There are so many benefits to attracting wildlife into your garden. Apart from saving the decline of our native species, garden wildlife also acts as a natural pest control.

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companion planting guide

Companion Planting Guide

Companion planting is all about creating plant communities which have mutual benefits to each other.

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plants for different soil types

Plants for Different Soil Types

Whether you garden on clay, silt or sand there are steps you can take to improve your soil and get the best performance from your plants.

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plants for containers

Plants for Containers

Containers help utilise all the available space in your garden - they brighten up walls, fences and patios. Most plants can be grown in a container but some are better suited to this than others.

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perennial plants for pots

Perennial Plants for Pots

Coming back year after year, perennial plants in pots are an easy solution to brightening up your patio or balcony areas.

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trees for small gardens

Trees for Small Gardens

When choosing trees for small gardens it is worth considering just how much space you have and which seasons of interest best suit your planting scheme.

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plants for shade

Plants for Shade

Most gardeners have at least one difficult spot in their garden. A shady spot can be difficult for plants as it creates a cool environment and is often coupled with dry soil or very damp soil.

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climbing plants for walls and fences

Climbing Plants for Walls & Fences

Climbers and wall shrubs are great for screening unsightly areas of the garden, brightening up bare walls and adding height to your borders.

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plants for ground cover

Plants for Ground Cover

Ground cover plants are useful in the garden for covering bare patches of soil beneath trees or shrubs or for covering steep banks where access is difficult.

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more gardening guides

Gardening Guides

Browse our gardening guides section for detailed growing advice, gardening hints and tips, and plenty of horticultural help from Thompson and Morgan’s experts.

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