idooka Polytunnel and Pop Up Greenhouse Cold Frame - Hoops Grow Tunnel


POP UP PLANT PROTECTION: Cold frames for garden - the clue's in the name! This grow house will protect from frost (as a garden fleece tunnel) and also winds, cats, and pests! We'll help you grow it, no matter what it is!

HELP FLOWERS & VEGETABLES TO GROW IN WINTER: Whether you're getting an early start on your shallot sets for spring planting, or just fancy a mini cucumber, these cloches for growing vegetables are the perfect pop up plant cover!

GROUND ANCHOR PEGS: Keep your bed tunnel from becoming a sky tunnel and stake it down! This garden coldframe comes with six pegs to keep this plant cloche hoops stuck fast protecting your precious ground cover plants.

EASY ACCESS DOOR: A small door at the end of the poly tunnel covers all your aeration needs, keeping in moisture or ventilating - and the whole side rolls up (with convenient tie to hold it out the way) for easy access!

KEEP HEAT AND MOISTURE IN: Needing up to 90% daytime humidity, these make a great tomato growhouse! This veg patch cover helps maintain a stable environment, and keep those winter salad seeds safe!

ZIP SEAL: While the side of this garden tunnel opens right up, it's good to secure it again! The zip helps maintain a strong seal against the cold, against cats, and whatever else wants to get in your outdoor poly tunnel.

LONG LIFE DESIGN: This small polytunnel covers your for years to come. From the lightweight plant frame coated in UV-resistant black, to the clear plastic polytunnel cover - it'll be keeping your rhubarb, cauliflowers, cabbage, and fruit safe.

SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: Garden cloches and tunnels can be a challenge - but we were done before we knew it! We'd assembled the polytunnel frame only to find ourselves almost done! Adding the polytunnel cover is an easy finishing touch!

95% UV PASSTHROUGH: While fleece covers for plants offer plenty of frost protection, they block sunlight and prevent growth. This plastic green house for garden spaces has a PVC covering that lets through 95% of sunlight!

LIGHTWEIGHT GARDENING COLD FRAMES: Weighing just 1.8 kg (or 4lbs in old money!), it's easy to move this cloche tunnel around the garden. Pop it on the raised beds for garden vegetables, or they make great allotment tunnels!

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Let's be honest, when you've spent all year working hard to grow beautiful flowers, tasty veg, or (like us) a few hardy plants that we can just about keep alive, it's galling to see a frost wreck it in just one short night. These portable PVC polytunnels are the fastest way to offer your plants some protection against not just the cold, but also winds and other pests! Plus they look pretty stylish too! We love a bit of DIY but honestly, not all of us are all too great. But this handy set is pretty easy to set up - you can have it up and ready in less than an hour (or less, if you've got friends!). Weighing just 1.8kg it's a lightweight dream that's easy to pack up and move if you need, so you'll have your portable plant protection powers practically anywhere! Whether your garden is rustic and functional, or trendy and modern, your plants will be protected in style with this pop up long cloche. The simple yet elegant design is a perfect match for almost any garden!

idooka Polytunnel and Pop Up Greenhouse Cold Frame - Hoops Grow Tunnel (C22216470)


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