RHS Award of Garden Merit

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Award of Garden Merit (AGM)


Tens of thousands of plants are available to home gardeners in the UK alone. The RHS Award of Garden Merit exists to help gardeners choose the best all round garden value varieties. This award indicates that the plant is recommended by the RHS.

The RHS state that:
To achieve this impressive accolade plants must meet the following criteria:
- outstanding excellence for ordinary garden decoration or use
- be available
- be of good constitution
- not require highly specialist growing conditions or care
- not be particularly susceptible to any pest or disease
- not be subject to an unreasonable degree of reversion in its vegetative or floral characteristics"

Plants of all kinds can be considered for the AGM, including fruit and vegetables. An AGM plant may be cultivated for use or decoration. It can be hardy throughout the British Isles, or suitable only for cultivation under heated glass. It can range in size from Sequoiadendron giganteum to Cornus canadensis. Though growing conditions and plant types may vary, the purpose of the award is always the same: to highlight the best plants available to the home gardener.Awards are usually given after a period of trial at an RHS garden. Plants are judged by one of the RHS plant committees".

Thompson & Morgan offers a wide range of AGM varities. Click on the lists below to view.

Flower Plants

Annual Plants  |   Perennial & Biennial Plants  |   Begonia Plants  |   Busy Lizzie Plants  |   Dianthus Plants  |   Fuchsia Plants  |   Geranium & Pelargonium Plants  |   Pansy Plants  |   Petunia Plants  |   Dianthus Plants

Flower Bulbs

Crocus Bulbs   |  Hyacinth Bulbs   |  Lily Bulbs   |  Tulip Bulbs   |  Other Flower Bulbs & Tubers

Flower Seeds

Half-Hardy Annual Seeds  |   Hardy Annual Seeds  |   Perennial & Biennial Seeds  |   Cosmos Seeds  |   Marigold Seeds  |   Nasturtium Seeds  |   Petunia Seeds  |   Poppy Seeds  |   Sunflower Seeds  |   Sweet Pea Seeds

Other Seeds & Plants

Bamboo & Grasses  |   Climbing Seeds & Plants  |   Foliage Seeds & Plants  |   Shrubs & Roses  |   Trees

Vegetable Seeds

Beetroot & Chard Seeds  |   Brassica & Leafy Green Seeds  |   Carrot & Parship Seeds  |   Onion & Leek Seeds  |   Pea & Bean Seeds  |   Pepper (Sweet) & Chilli Seeds  |   Pumpkin, Squash & Courgette Seeds  |   Salad Seeds  |   Tomato Seeds  |   All Other Vegetable Seeds


First Early  |   Second Early  |   Maincrop  |   Second Cropping (Christmas)

All Other Vegetables

Asparagus  |   Herbs  |   Onions, Shallots & Garlic Sets  |   Vegetable Plants

Fruit Plants

Blueberry Plants  |   Currant Plants  |   Raspberry Plants  |   Strawberry Plants  |   Rhubarb Plants

Fruit Trees

Apple & Pear Trees  |   Fig Trees  |   Stone Fruit Trees  |   Fruit Seeds

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