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May 2017 Review Winner

Onion Doux des Cevennes
  • "The Best Onion"
  • Onion "Doux des Cevennes"
  • By Gordon Stewardson
  • I grew these onions last year, sown direct into the plot. They certainly live up to their reputation, producing beautiful onions snooker to tennis ball size with a fine flavour either raw or cooked. They caramelise perfectly and do indeed make a divine onion tart. They're now a fixture on my allotment - this years are just appearing as seedlings!
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Previous Review Winners

Geranium Horizon Pink Ice
  • "Timeless classic plants cannot be without"
  • Geranium 'Horizon Pink Ice' F1 Hybrid
  • By Keith Fallon
  • Determined to save money on plants this year, copious amounts of seeds purchased from Thompson & Morgan has been done. Seeds arrived well packed and in good time. The prices were excellent value for the amount of seeds in the packs. The seed packets have comprehensive instructions (which really helped me, as new to using seeds). I treated myself to a heated propogator and all the seeds have done extremely well and now patiently waiting in the greenhouse for all risk of frost to pass before planting out starts. Very impressed with the increased range of flowers I will now have due to purchasing seeds instead of flower plants locally and will def be back from more time and time again, highly recommended seeds.
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Ultimate Spacesaver Greenhouse Green (2ftx6ft)
  • "Great little greenhouse for the money"
  • Ultimate Spacesaver Greenhouse Green (2ftx6ft)
  • By Amanda Young
  • This is a great little greenhouse for the money. The instructions are clear and logical. However there are parts of the construction that definitely go better with two pairs of hands. We found that some of the predrilled holes didn't line up well, and we added some for extra stability. Polycarbonate sheeting works well but does need to be secured properly. We used a silicone sealant to help with this in addition to screws. Some fixings were not threaded properly, and we had to use our own. This is suitable for someone with basic DIY skills, but you do need two people, and it will take longer than an afternoon! Ours is up, sitting on paving slabs and screwed to the fence. It is secure and already in use. Very happy with our purchase.
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Antirrhinum Floral Showers
  • "Superb plants and packaging"
  • Antirrhinum 'Floral showers mixed' (Garden Ready)
  • By David Mitchell
  • Plants are always superb from this company but when I received my latest delivery of 500+ varying bedding plants (all excellent) the packaging has gone up several levels . Attched to each tray of plants was something akin to a hairnet which protect the plants and keeps them seated properly in trays even if box is tilted or tipped. Needless to say I don't lose one plant .Superb T&M keep it up!!!.
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Lavender (Fernleaf)
  • "Good conservatory plant"
  • Lavender (Fernleaf)
  • By Margaret Stokes
  • I sowed my seed in mid June & it germinated very quickly at room temperature. The plants were easy to grow and are still flowering in January in my unheated conservatory.
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Potato Sarpo Mira
  • "The Only Potatoes I'll Grow Again Now"
  • Potato 'Sarpo Mira'
  • By Andy Towell
  • After years of growing different varieties these Sarpo potatoes are the only ones I'll grow again now. I'm fed up with blight destroying my crops, I have wasted a LOT of money trying out all the others. This Sarpo Mira produced my best yield to date and the most healthy foliage I've experianced. The potatoes were great tasting too. A lot of other varieties I don't even get to sample them really due to disease. It's also worth noting they do fantastic on poor ground and/or low nutrient input.

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Carrot Kelly F1 hybrid
  • "Excellent colour and taste"
  • Carrot Kelly F1 Hybrid
  • By G Inman
  • I planted these alongside my Early Nantes, which I've grown for years, and the difference is striking. I only picked them up to try but they are deeper orange and better flavoured. I'll stick with these from now on.

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cauliflower white step
  • "Will definitely grow again!"
  • Cauliflower White Step
  • By S Flitton
  • This is the first time I've grown these and I can report that the curds are beautifully produced and grow within a few days after appearing. They are wonderfully tight and retain the lovely white colour, and they taste delicious They seem to be a bit bigger than I expected but I can recommend this variety. Will definitely grow again.

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Sweet Pepper Mini Bell
  • "I will definitely be growing these again!"
  • Sweet Pepper Mini Bell
  • By P Rigg
  • I've tried and failed to successfully grow sweet peppers in my greenhouse for years, which was really disappointing as my daughter loves them in her lunch box. I've even tried grafted plants with little success. This year I tried Sweet Pepper 'Mini Bell Improved Mix' and they have been brilliant! The peppers aren't the biggest, but my daughter loves the flavour, and they are ideal for lunch boxes. The vigorous plants are about four feet tall and covered in fruits. They have been a bit slow to ripen - but I've put this down to the lousy summer. I will definitely be growing these again!.

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Escallonia rubra Macrantha
  • "Well worth the money"
  • Escallonia rubra Macrantha
  • By M Sullivan
  • This is a vigorous and hardy plant ideal for hedging , as is evergreen and keeps its glossy leaves throughout the yearThe flowers are a lovely deep pink and will flower until the first frosts if gently pruned, I have had it flowering in winter on occasions. Well worth the money.

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Perfect Partner Bulb Collection
  • "Beautiful colours"
  • Perfect Partner Bulb Collection
  • By J Kaston
  • Beautiful colours and though its true the daffs did flower first. Eventually the tulips did arrive. Really all good quality and lasting so eventually did enjoy all together.

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Petunia Night Sky
  • "Wish I had bought more"
  • Petunia 'Night Sky'
  • By N Wakefield
  • arrived in good conditon, have now planted out and 1 has just stared to flower - lovely flower and unusual - wish I had got more as only bought 5

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Window Planter
  • "Looks really nice in my kitchen
  • K Delacy
  • Finally,I can grow herbs and salad leaves without my cat trying to eat them!Well made and looks really nice in my kitchen.

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Cosmos bipinnatus Sweet Sixteen
  • "Beautiful cosmos variety"
  • Cosmos bipinnatus 'Sweet Sixteen'
  • By Jennifer Andrew
  • I grew this in 2015 and it was gorgeous. Flowering for months despite a wet and rather dismal Scottish summer, the blooms were plentiful and lovely. There was a little colour variation, with some plants producing flowers that were exact replicas of the seed packet, and others slightly darker or paler - all very beautiful.

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Cucumber Delizia F1 Hybrid
  • "Best small cucumber I have ever grown"
  • Cucumber 'Delizia' F1 Hybrid
  • Mrs F Upton
  • Delizia is the best cucumber of this size I have ever grown. I have grown it since 2012 and it has produced reliable heavy crops every year.The fruit are sensational - thin skinned, juicy with a lovely cucumber flavour. They do not need peeling. I have given fruit to friends and family who without exception have said they are delicious. My parents like it so much they also now grow this variety.

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Runner Bean Moonlight
  • Awesome!
  • Runner Bean 'Moonlight'
  • Benjamin Williams
  • These really are a great variety. They crop like you wouldn't believe. I had to plant a 2nd batch last year as I think I planted them too early and they didn't like it one bit so don't be too hasty, they'll soon catch up. Pick the beans when they are really young and fresh because you'll have so many that you can afford to. The small bean size also means that if they do go a little over then you won't be chomping on great big purple beans. If you're feeling tight (or want them to have plenty of room) then you can plant one between two canes, they will quite happy fill two canes. I did this when one of mine got accidentally stomped on. I doubt I'll ever bother with another variety again, there really is no need to.
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tomato maskotka
  • "Best tomato ever"
  • Tomato 'Maskotka'
  • Peter J Lynskey
  • Grew these in 2015, some in the greenhouse in a hanging basket and 12cm pots which produced ripe fruit in late June. Some in a raised bed in a fruit cage which kept on producing. I picked my last ripe tomato in MID NOVEMBER! Yes I do live in the UK.
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