Peas and beans

Here’s where you’ll find all of our best pea and bean articles in one easy place, whether you’re looking for an in-depth grower’s guide or advice on how to deal with a glut by storing peas and beans to eat later in the year. Get the little ones involved too, with our free guide to growing runner beans with kids. They grow fast and make great competition plants!

Kick-start your growing season by adding a variety of healthy pea and bean plants to your basket. Simply pot up the plugs when they arrive on your doorstep. Or, if you prefer to sow your own, see our wide range of pea and bean seeds. We have broad beans, juicy garden peas, French beans, runner beans and even ornamental varieties like Borlotti that feature spectacular variegated pods.

Mangetout, sugarsnap, or shelling? This guide will help you decide which variety to grow and how to grow it. Seed sowing, harvesting times, and feeding explained here.

Want to try growing your beans and peas from seed? Start with this guide. Learn how to prepare your beds, protect your growing plants and harvest your beans all in one place.

Runner beans are vertical climbers suited to small beds. Ornamental flowers and dwarf varieties make these beans perfect for the patio too! Find out how to grow them here.

Here’s our favourite expert advice to help you grow bumper crops of broad beans. Did you know you can eat the plant tips? Learn more here!

Plant ‘magic’ beans with your kids and watch them grow tall! Big seeds that germinate fast make runner beans ideal for little fingers. Download our free guide now.

Love them or hate them - broad beans are a veg plot classic. These hardy beans are hugely versatile, and can be planted in pots or even the flower border. More tips here.

Packed with fun facts and nutritional info, our free guide to growing peas gets kids picking pods in no time. Here’s everything you need to grow peas, sugar snaps and mangetout!

Got a huge harvest on your hands? Here are some top tips on how to store your glut of peas and beans for the cold months ahead.

Watch out for bean seed flies - this pest has the capacity to ruin an entire crop. Find out how to treat an infestation here.

For expert tips and advice on growing huge pea harvests, you’re in the right place! Check out this unusual purple podded crop that’s ideal for colourful stir fries.

Written by popular blogger Jono from ‘Real Men Sow’, this practical bean growing advice comes with some excellent recipes. Ideal for beginners and experienced growers alike.

Sow our versatile broad bean seeds. From dwarf varieties that thrive in containers, to hardy types that can be harvested earlier in the year, there's plenty of choice!

Runner bean seeds are easy to grow and can quickly produce huge yields. Browse our varied collection now for a bumper harvest.

Browse our huge range of pea and bean seeds here. Sow coloured pods, dwarf varieties or opt for a handy collection pack to enjoy diverse cropping times and flavours.

Jump into the growing season! Grown in controlled conditions, these strong and healthy plug plants are a quick way to bring your veg patch, raised beds and containers to life.

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