Vitax Slug Rid - Slug and Snail Control 500g


Fulfilled and sold by Collier Turf Care Ltd


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Vitax Slug Rid is a ready to use bait designed to control slugs and snails around all edible and ornamental plants. Simply spread around the plants at the first sign of damage caused by slugs and snails.
Slug Rid Product Advantages:
  • Fast-acting so slugs and snails cease to feed immediately after consuming it
  • Once ingested, slugs and snails will slowly move away from the plants without leaving an unsightly trace
  • When used as directed, the pellets will not pose a risk to pets or children
    Slug Rid is suitable for organic gardening. Slug Rid can be used around strawberries, bedding plants, lettuces and cabbages.
    How To Use Slug Rid:
    Slug Rid should be applied late evening or early in the morning when the slugs and snails are most active. Evenly scatter the Slug Rid pellets at 5g per sq.m to moist and bare soil around the plant.
    Once Slug Rid is applied, the pellets will swell by absorbing the water from moist soil which attracts slugs and snails. Once the slugs and snails have eaten the pellets, they will move away from the plant and die.
    Before using, please read the label and product information.

  • 500g (5SR500)


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