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Runner Bean 'Moonlight'Phaseolus coccineus

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86 Reviews

The answer to gardeners' prayers - guaranteed to set beans in any weather!

1 packet (40 runner bean seeds) £3.99 Despatch: within 24 hours
2 packets (80 runner bean seeds) £4.99 Despatch: within 24 hours
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A major breakthrough in British runner bean breeding, offering predominantly self setting plants for a guaranteed crop. This profusely white-flowering variety combines the valuable characteristics of French beans with those of runner beans, resulting in extra smooth, very fleshy, stringless pods up to 25cm (10") long, with a great texture and true runner bean taste. The vastly improved flower setting of Runner Bean ‘Moonlight’ means an earlier and continual crop even during poor weather. Height: 3m (10’). Spread: 30cm (12").

Companion planting: Try growing runner beans with sweet peas to attract pollinating insects to the flowers, and Nasturtiums to draw aphids away from your crop.

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Companion Planting How to grow Runner Beans

Kitchen Garden


Full sun

300cm (118.1in)

30cm (11.8in)

1 Packet (40 Runner Bean Seeds) (TT04905)
2 Packets (80 Runner Bean Seeds) (TM65059P)

Sowing Months Flowering Months Harvest Months
When growing runner beans provide a thick mulch of organic matter around the base of the plants to help conserve moisture and reduce weed growth. Water runner beans regularly, particularly as the flowers develop, and provide a liquid feed every 14 days during mid-summer. Pinch out the tips of the beans when they reach the top of their supports. Beans can be harvested from July onwards. Pick the beans regularly and a little on the young side to ensure top quality and prolonged cropping. Culinary note: Suitable for freezing. Caution: Cook runner beans before eating to avoid discomfort.

Sow runner bean seed indoors from mid April for transplanting later on, or direct sow outdoors from late May to early July.

Indoors, sow seed at a depth of 5cm (2") in 7.5cm (3") pots or trays of free-draining, seed sowing compost. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a plastic bag at a temperature of 18-20C (64-68F) until germination which takes 7-10 days. Once germinated, grow runner beans on in cooler conditions until all risk of frost has passed and runner bean plants are large enough to be transplanted. Gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over 7 - 10 days before planting runner beans outdoors in rich fertile, well drained soil in full sun or semi shade with protection from strong winds. Avoid freshly manured soil which will promote lush foliage instead of beans.

Alternatively direct sow runner beans outdoors at a depth of 5cm (2") and a distance of 30cm (12") apart. Plant runner beans in rows that are 1.5m (5') apart, or where space is limited, grow beans onto a wigwam structure. Runner beans require support from garden canes, strings or netting which should be put in place at the time of planting.


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Great to save as a butter bean substitute 2016-08-27

The fresh beans are as good as any I have ever grown. Always a massive set and in the Westcountry I get a really early crop. When the beans go over just leave them on the vines to dry and use over the winter as a butter bean substitute. The taste and texture is really good.

T&M replied on 2016-08-28: Thank you very much for your review. I am glad that you have been happy with your purchase and thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. I hope we can continue to be of service to you in the future.

Massive crop 2016-03-08

I have been gardening for over 50 years and used to own an allotment, the runner beans, which are moonlight, are producing a massive crop, some more than 10 inches long. I have other seed purchased from you, all of which are successful. I would recommend your seeds and plants to anyone

Awesome! 2016-01-25

These really are a great variety. They crop like you wouldn't believe. I had to plant a 2nd batch last year as I think I planted them too early and they didn't like it one bit so don't be too hasty, they'll soon catch up. Pick the beans when they are really young and fresh because you'll have so many that you can afford to. The small bean size also means that if they do go a little over then you won't be chomping on great big purple beans. If you're feeling tight (or want them to have plenty of room) then you can plant one between two canes, they will quite happy fill two canes. I did this when one of mine got accidentally stomped on. I doubt I'll ever bother with another variety again, there really is no need to.

T&M replied on 2016-01-28: Thank you very much for your review. I am so pleased to learn that you have been delighted with your purchase and it's great to hear of your experiences! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. I hope we can continue to be of service to you in the future.

What more beans! 2015-03-09

Grew them for the first time this year. I got them off to an early start by growing them in the greenhouse and then planting them out early under protection. They just kept coming and coming. You can however get fed up with too many runner beans!

T&M replied on 2015-09-04: Thank you for taking the time to post your review. I am glad to hear that you have been happy with your order. I hope we can continue to be of service to you in the future.

Runner Bean Moonlight 2013-08-30

The best runner beans I have ever grown, perfect set, beautiful long stringless pods and excellent flavour. I will never try another variety after trying these, if it ain't broke...

Runnner beans 2012-05-06

Our runer bean's are climbing on netting on are fence the fence. Growing well.They where witie lady.

Runner Bean oonlight 2011-12-09

I planted mine in seed trays early May,100% germination. I planted hem on my allotment and to my surpriser they all shot up the poles ,flowered and produced large quataties of stringless beans.This has kept my neighbours,family and my local charity shop wheer my wife works with large supplies for over 6 weeks! Wonderfull variety,other allotmant holders gather round at the daily picking and will be growing Moonlight next year,

moonlight runner beans 2011-09-24

germination 100%. i grew mine in my back garden, they grew to over 8ft tall then i pinched out the growing tip. stringless beans and very tasty raw or cooked. very juicy raw. my 15 yr old loved them. i will growing again next year.

Runner Bean Moonlight 2011-09-19

Planted directly into the garden as I was a little late in getting started and have been delighted with the results. They survived an early slug attack to grow quickly up the poles and have given us a bountiful crop. My family are very fussy when it comes to runner beans and Moonlight have proved a huge success. They are really tasty and truly stringless. My bean of choice in future.

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-09-13

Very easy to grow at our allotment, good long straight stringless beans, great flavour and plentyful crop. We are definitely going to grow them again.

prolific producer 2011-09-09

I started harvestng my crop of moonlght runner beans on the first week in june this year and now in september they are stll producng plenty of lovely long pods of delicious beans

Moonlight runner bean 2011-08-31

Finally 15 years later after inheriting an allotment i finally got round to planting it and choose this variety at random and have truly not been disappointed, these beans have been great especially for an amateur, so rewarding as they have grown like your picture and hang like bunches of grapes. Stringless-fab, loads to share-fab, taste fab, great for a first timer!

runner bean moonlight 2011-08-30

100% germination sown staight into my garden in west norfolk, have been growing very well with lots of wonderful white flowers and so many tender stringless beans that i have shared with friends and family, i used to be dissapointed with the setting on other beans but not these they certainly are self setting, i will be growing again next year

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-29

Having started the seeds in the greenhouse, I planted them out too early & the cold weather in May slowed their growth with the plants going very yellow. However, with a bit of warmth they started to grow rapidly, and now I am picking lots of beans every day and freezing what I don't eat. Better tasting then the variety I planted last year (Lady Di), stringless and will definitely grow more next year.

moonlight runner beans by rita bremner. 28.08.11. 2011-08-28

we are very pleased with our 'moonlight' runner beans grown this summer in an oblong container on our patio.and producing plenty of beans, the flowers are pretty too.

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-28

We planted these in our sheltered garden, started picking at the beginning of July and are still picking tasty, tender beans. We also planted out beans on our more exposed allotment later in the year, and these have just begun cropping. No pests or diseases, lovely strong, healthy-looking plants and plenty of flowers, which are setting well, several beans on each flower stem. We chose this variety as we have grown white runners in the past, and feel they are of better quality than the traditional red, being mostly string-less, easy to set and seem to go on for longer. Very pleased.

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-27

Not the strong runner bean flavour I can remember from years gone by but, nevertheless, a good flavour and texture. I have not found them to be a heavy cropper but steady. I had problems with germination as only 25% from the pack were successful but T & M have been kind enough to replace the pack and I am hoping for better results when I sow them next season. If they are successful I will defnitely buy them again.

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-26

Easily the best runner bean I have grown and after 40 years that is is very good thumbs up for moonlight. Started harvesting 2nd July and now at end of August they are still flowering well so hopefully many more beans to come.

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-25

Beans are straight and tasty but crop not very heavy and many beans wither before they mature. I have watered well but suspect it is the weather.

Moonlight Runner Beans by Bob Gallagher 25.08.11 2011-08-25

We planted half the packet of beans straight into fairly sandy soil in a sunny part of the garden in lowland Cheshire. They were pretty much left to fend for themselves. The other half of the packet were planted in grow bags and given lots of water and feed up here in the beautiful but cooler/wetter Staffordshire Peak District. The results in both cases were spectacular. Beautiful sweet beans in abundance with 'no strings attached' - even the 'BIG 'UNS'! We will certainly plant this variety again next year.

Moonlight runner beans 2011-08-24

I grew runner beans for the first time this year & have been delighted with the Moonlight crop. Taste good, cut like stringless beans & have a decent taste. May have to eat faster or buy a new freezer as they are still cropping late August. .....neighbour has benefited!

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-24

We grew these alongside our usual variety but sowed them a bit later. They are cropping well and producing good straight beans which have an excellent flavour.

moonlight runner beans 2011-08-24

We live in East Sussex and have had extraordinary dry weather this year. The moonlight seeds did not germinate the first time planted - in contrast to two other varieties of runner bean which did. The second planting produced a 50% germination rate, and the 3rd time again the same amount. However, after struggllng a great deal with germination, we have since found the plants grew well, have set better than other varieties (despite hot weather) and we have really enjoyed the taste- they seem to keep their tenderness even if they grow large. So once germinated, we are very happy. 

moonlight runner beans 2011-08-23

this is the first time that I have grown this type and although I grew them in half whisky barrels the crop has been great, in fact I have had the best yield in years. I shall be growing them again next year and have already recomended them to my fellow gardeners.

Moonlight 2011-08-23

Excellent yield and flavour. Interested to see how they freeze.

moonlight 2011-08-23

I tried these beans due to the claim of better setting qualities. As a control I planted my normal runner beans. I could not have been more impressed. The Moonlight beans germinated well, allowing earlier sowing and cropped very heavily, in fact giving my my heaviest ever yield . The crop from my usual beans looks relatively quite poor. The taste of the beans are excellent. I have already ordered my Moonlight seeds for next year and they will be the only runner bean that I grow in future.

Moonlight runner beans 2011-08-23

These are by far the best runner beans I have ever grown. Because of limited space I only planted half the packet but the yields have been enormous and I am running out of freezer space for the surplus even after giving many to friends and neighbours. The beans are excellent flavour and virtually stringless. I will definitely be growing these again and recommending them to anyone.

Runner Bean, Moonlight 2011-08-22

Highly recommend this white flowering, self-setting runner bean providing an abundent crop. After a slow start (due to near drought conditions in Norfolk) the plants soon reached full height and have continued to provide a good supply of beans over the past 3 weeks with still pleny coming on. We shall soon need another freezer!

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-22

I bought 2 packs of these beans and shared out with 2 friends. We started them of in 3 inch pots and then planted them 6 to a large pot. My self and one of my friends have been absolutely delighted with the crop and the taste and we are still picking loads of beans after a full month. Without a doubt the best runner beans ever. My other friend suffered the flowers dropping off with about 75% not maturing. Our only grumble is that we have found the plants are very susceptible to black fly, not usually a problem with runner beans. Thank you A W Bell

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-22

This was one of the two types of runner bean that I sowed this year and. although the other product has been good, Moonlight has been by far the best. I can highly recommend this product which has produced excellent quality beans. I have now been cropping for over a month and still have plenty of flowers and beans to pick. The beans are very tasty and not at all stringy and I am picking nearly a pund per day out of one packet. I will definately be ordering this product again next year

Runner Bean MOONLIGHT 2011-08-22

Runner Bean Moolight I received these beans free with my order.Tthey have prooved worth their weight in gold. Very early on I set 4! beans in each of 5 10 inch pot and fashioned 2 7ft high bamboo support canes in each These were fixed side by side with 2 very long canes and secured leaning against the side of my conservatory as the only place available and catching the sun. We had a few late black fly but I was on them at once with the spray and managed to control the attack.The high beans also provide a privacy barrier.Set on deep watering trays they have grown well and now there are only a few late blossoms which I am seeing if they mature . Neighbours and family have enjoyed them ; we have had many family meals and I still have some packets in the freezer, and I still have 1/2 a packet to plant next year! . A BIG THANK YOU. June Nowers

Moonlight stringless Beans 2011-08-22

These beans are tasty, crisp and crop in abundance. I have frozen many and passed them on to our neighbours who also enjoyed them. One of our neighbours finds it difficult to prepare beans, however with Moonlight beans it was easy.

Runner bean - Moonlight 2011-08-22

In many years of growing runner beans this is the finest. Masses of beans from only 20 seeds planted, enough for eating, freezing and giving away. Very tasty and they really are stringless. Very satisfied.

moonlight runner bean 2011-08-22

after buying this bean for it's ease of pollination,I was a bit dissapointed when the first flowers fell off leaving no beans. But when they did set they were a very good tender straight bean,Will definitely grow again! John.

My most prolific cropper was Moonlight 2011-08-22

I dig trenches 200mm wide and 300mm deep and line them with shredded newspaper and grass cuttings, cover with soil then plant the beans as usual. The results were astounding. From 20 plants we have harvested over 44 kgs of beans to date and they are still going strong. Good flavor and texture with little or no string.

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-22

Flowers in profusion with a good set ratio - better than Polestar and Lady Di. Resultant beans of average length and stringless. Certainly an improvement over previous new varieties

Full of flavour and no strings attached 2011-08-21

These beans have been excellent. We have grown them in the south west of France where runner beans come a second to the native French beans but I do hanker for English runners and they have perfommed wonderfully. We will grow them again next year.

Moonlight delighted! 2011-08-21

Great success - bean plants I grew for my family, mother and in-laws have brought high praise from everyone. Taste is great and genuine lack of fibrous strings has meant even family member with stomach condition can eat them without stringing them. Huge yields of delicious beans, quick to prepare. Only problem we have found is the particularly large leaves hide the beans and picking them thoroughly takes longer than with other varieties. Will definitely grow them again next year.

Moonlight Beans 2011-08-21

This runner bean is probably the most successful that I have ever grown. The seed germination time is quick, and beans are produced very quickly, the growing season seems, so far, to be long, these plants produce a very tasty, easy to cook runner bean. Thumbs up for this one, and yes I would recommend this to a friend, and yes I will be buying more seed for next years crop.

Moonlight runner bean 2011-08-21

Heavy cropping with attractive white flowers and vigorous growth. Not sure about the french bean connection, but still a tasty runner bean. Needs plenty of water to ensure long beans. I will use again next year.

good cropper 2011-08-21

excellent Plants, fast grower and full of sweet tasting string-less crops, they are very free cropping, grow pretty much anywhere which was a bonus, definitely recommend these..

Good harvest, easy pollination 2011-08-21

I have a rather shady garden and not much space. Last year I grew another variety and had a poor crop due to not enough plants & therefore poor pollination. This year I chose Moonlight because of its advertised self-setting flowers, and despite only having 6 plants (3 each in 2 very large pots), am getting quite a good crop. I am very happy with my beans; the flavour is good (though not spectacular), no strings at all, and I have no doubt that if I had more sun and could plant them direct in soil, the harvest would be very good indeed. Will definitely buy again.

Moonlight Runner Bean 2011-08-21

After last years dissappointment of only having one bean from the red flowering variety ( brought from the local nurseries) I thought I would try the white flowering variety. They have been brilliant, loads of beans all stringless and very tender. Will be buying more next year.

Great beans!!! 2011-08-21

These are one of the easiest,most prolific runner beans I haveever tried;germination rate excellent;very tasty and stringless;well recommended.I will use next year

Runner Bean Moonlight 2011-08-21

This is the first time I have planted this variety but it won't be the last. The seeds germinated quickly and the plants established well. I have been picking beans first thing in the morning and again in the evening! I have them in two separate areas in the garden with 3 weeks between planting so will be harvesting for a long period. Thankfully, we enjoy spiced runner bean chutney too!

Top variety 2011-08-21

Good crop of tender beans. Will definitely order these again

Moonlight success 2011-08-21

The West Midlands has had a very bad summer for rainfall, despite this Moonlight has, after a slowish start, fulfilled all its promise. The beans are long, stringless even when overlooked for a few days during picking and very tasty indeed. Definitely one to order for next year.

Moonlight Runners 2011-08-21

I tried these for the first time this year, and very impressed, they germinated very well and I am reaping the rewards every other day at the moment, very tasty and tender, freeze really well too!

Eexcellent Runner Beans 2011-08-21

This was the first year we used Moonlight Runner Bean seeds and we have been very pleased with them. The plants have produced long, tender beans that have a delicious flavour. They have been so prolific I have had to freeze a lot of them and they still keep growing and flowering. We shall certainly put them on our order for next year!

Best bean for me 2011-08-21

Having been disappointed in my red flowering runner beans for the past few years, this year I chose the beautiful white flowered Moonlight. I have hit upon a winner as even in this very dry year the plants have grown well, the flowers have set beans easily and the crop has been plentiful with very little stringyness even when large. A bean with excellent flavour that cooks and freezes well. At last I can enjoy my favorite vegetable!

Moonlight Runnert 2011-08-21

Decided to grow these in containers with Sweet Peas mingled amongst them. All the seeds germinated and the plants were quick to grow away. They have been cropping for weeks now and show no signs of stopping; so much so that I have not been able to eat them all and have been giving them away and also freezing them.. The flowers look lovely and the bees have adored them. Cooked some last night and my husband's comment was "wow those beans were tasty", I think that says it all!.

Marvellous Moonlight 2011-08-21

Started in pots indoors April 30th. All but one germinated. Hardened in cold frame and planted out mid May. Plenty of tender sweet tasting beans. Will be growing again!

Too good for mice 2011-08-21

My first attempt, last year, at growing these was a disaster as the mice found them before they could shoot - this year I started them off early in the kitchen window with great success - early cropping and easy to grow these beans make a very attractive addition to the vegetable garden.

Moonlight beans 2011-08-21

These have grown SO well in a windy spot in mid Wales. Very heavy crop of long fleshy beans. I will definitely be adding them to my regular "must have" list.

Moonligth Runner beans 2011-08-21

A bit slow to start producing beans, but going well now.

Best runner beans i've grown!! 2011-08-21

I am really impressed with this variety, very easy and quick to grow from seed and once planted out they grew and grew!! I have had loads of runner beans, crop after crop for nearly 4 weeks now (many more than previous varieties) and the beans are very tender and taste wonderful. I'll certainly grow these again next year!

Best runner beans i've grown!! 2011-08-21

I'm really pleased with this variety of runner bean. Very easy to grow from seed and once out in the garden they just grew and grew! I have been picking beans for 4 weeks now and they are very tender and tasty (far better in taste and quantity produced than previous varieties grown) I will be growing these again next year! Very, very pleased!

Super Tasty & Super Long runner beans happy in container! 2011-08-21

I grow my veggies mainly in containers, Moonlight Runner beans were no exception. Every seed germinated happily in the cold frame and went outdoor mid May. Now I have happy 8 plants groing in the same deep rectangular container, climbing up the bamboo sticks and trellis on the house brick wall! Last year I grew Enorma runner beans famous for their extra length, but must say that some of Moonlight beans were over 1 foot long! I've been picking them daily for the last 10 days, there are lots of them, so ended up sharing the beans with neighbours and friends. The beans are virtually stringless and very juicy and tasty. Much much better than anything you can possibly buy in the supermarkets. I'm very happy with my choice of runner beans this year and would definitely be growing them again the next one! If you don't have a plot, try to grow them in the deep container like I do, you'll be amazed with how little it takes to look after the crop and how rewarding it is in the end!

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-21

This is the first time I have tried these out this year, to make a change from the usual one's I plant. Initially had problem with germination, possibly because I had planted the seeds too early. Anyway I replanted a fresh lot of seeds in April and had much better success. When I initally put them outside they seemed to struggle a little to get going but once they got established away they went. Needless to say I have been picking them in abundance once the pods had set and I still am. Equally they taste delicious when cooked. Glad I have tried them out and they shall be on my shopping list for next year.

Moonlight runner beans 2011-08-21

All the beans I planted germinated, and the plants got going early in the season. Flower set not as good as I would have liked, but may have been because of an attack of black fly. The beans are very tasty and tender.

Very Impressed 2011-08-21

I decided to try this variety this year and must say how well they have grown. They are great germinators, have grown very well up the wigwams and produced beautiful white flowers and then lovely tender beans with the bonus of no stringy or tough bits. They have been cropping for a couple of weeks now and still have plenty to give. They are a hit with the family and also my parents who are runner bean fans. Will definately be growing again next year.

Moonlight Runner by Lesley Shelton 2011-08-21

I have been amazed by the number of beans I am picking at the beginning and end of each day. They are tasty and except for topping and tailing there is nothing for the compost bin. The best beans I've ever grown!


Fantastic crop good quality tasty beans will definately be buying again!!

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-21

The best runner beans I have ever grown, out of only 10 plants I have nearly filled my freezer as well as eating them. The beans grow in bunches, every time I look in the garden there are more. It is late August and the plants are still full of large beans, small beans and flowers. Shall be growing these beans in future.

Runner Beans Moonlight 2011-08-21

This variety is very hardy,produces large amounts of beans which are stringless and taste wonderful, they are an early flowering and heavy croppers the birds seem to prefer the red flower varieties, and mine so far this year have been producing beans for over eight weeks and still coming

Moonlight is just right! 2011-08-21

Sown in a wigwam for the very first time, grew quickly and the bees loved the abundant white flowers, then WOW - so many beans, so beautifully sweet with the added bonus of being stringless - we had them every day one week and the neighbours shared in our bounty. A great product T&M; we'll certainly be growing them next year.



An excellent variety in every way 2011-08-21

While freinds and neighbours have struggled to get a worthwhile crop from the old favourites, due to terrible weather conditions, Luckily I'm very smugly enjoying my first crop of Moonlight runners. They really have thrived, easy from seed, fast maturing, smothered in beautiful white flowers, making them particularly attractive, though thankfully not as attractive to the wildlife as the red flowered varieties. So delicious and tender, I've even eaten plenty of them raw in salads! The only downside has been the jealous looks from my neighbours, smoothed over easily by sharing some of the crop! They are already ordering for next year, and so am I.

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-08-21

A very prolific bean. We had almost industrial quantities of beans from a single packet, and kept our neighbours supplied as well as ourselves. Very tasty.

Super Moonlight 2011-08-21

I have been growing runner beans for many years, and these are the best I have grown to date. They are very prolific, it seems as if each flower produced a bean. Long, straight beans, stringless and with a great flavour. I will definitely be growing these again next year.

Moonlight experience 2011-08-21

Tried this variety for the first time. Sowed in cold greenhouse 18 April; 8 of 10 germinated and were planted out on 18 May, against a high south-facing stone wall. They were slower to climb and later to flower than the St George runners futher along the wall, and initially it looked as if neither were setting, but Moonlight is now producing equally well. The beans are tender and stringless, and good to eat, but so far they do not have quite the taste I expected. We will continue to enjoy them, however. Next year I plan to grow them again, this time in more favourable conditions, as the wall may be too warm (climbing up strings) and turns out to have a rain shadow at its base.

Magnificent Moonlight Runners 2011-08-21

This is my fifth and most successful year growing runner beans. This variety is fantastic - crops abundantly and has the added advantage of being stringless. I started picking the 3rd week of July and they are still going strong in late August. Wonderful taste, the freezer is full and family and neighbours have been most appreciative. Will definitely grow these next year!

Moonlight runner 2011-08-21

They were a bit slow getting going but, coulld have been more to do with the changeable weather than the beans themselves. Really pretty white flowers, my beans looked much better than the normal orange ones around the other allotments. Can't keep up with picking them they are growing so well but work colleagues are loving the handouts. Not gone all stringy and hard like some varieties once you get so far into the season.

Moonlight Runner 2011-08-21

A lot of them failed to germinate, don't know if it was due to the bad weather, living in the South, did not expect this, however, the ones that did survive, have been good, plenty of flowers and now producing good stringless beans. 

Loads of LONG but tender beans 2011-08-19

I tried these for the first time and all the seeds germinated. The plants seemed to grow whilst I looked at them! They have been producing oodles of fine quality runner beans. Really long and yet so tender. Very impressed. I am not at all easily impressed so when I am its got to be something special!

Moonlight Runner 2011-08-18

Planted this variety for the first time this season. Crops in abundance and being stringless there's very little waste in preparation for the freezer and have a great taste. Highly recommended by my wife who does all the preparation and cooking!

Excellent 2011-07-21

Wanted to give these a try as it said they would crop in colder weather and parts of our veg patch are fairly shady. All seeds sown took and have grown into strong plants. I have already started cropping and the taste is excellent. Will certainly use again.

Moonlight Beans 2011-07-19

I started these beans off indoors in April and everyone of the seeds germinated. Once well established I moved outdoors to a cold frame before eventually planting out on my allotment at the end of May. They have gone from strength to strength and are producing extremely well, so much so that I always have more than enough beans at each picking for myself as well as friends and family. They are delicious and I thoroughly recommend them to fellow allotmenteers and gardeners alike.

Easy to grow ,good crop,taste delious. 2011-07-09

Started my beans off in the house germinated very quick then put them outside and they have produced a good crop and still have more to come and they taste delious! Will grow them again next year but have plenty in the freezer to last!

Moonlight Runner Beans 2011-06-09

They started croping earlier than another variety I had grown. Good long straight beans so easy to prepare for cooking. Very plentyful crop and excellent flavour, I would certainly grow them again.

Runner Bean "Moonlight" 2011-05-09

This is the second year of growing this bean. It truly is a good bean very productive and excellent to cook and a really good taste. I would agree with the other reviews a truly great vegetable. Best picked quite short 10" at most, very tender and stringless - perfect in every way, if I can get a packet or two I will grow these next year. here's hoping.

Runner Bean "Moonlight" 2011-04-09

I purchased this bean with white flowers - birds leave it alone. Beans are best harvested young when about 10 or 12 inches long and at this stage are stringless which means you only have to top and tail them before cooking reducing waste. I gave many plants away but with around 16 plants I have ample for myself and some to freeze and also some to give to family. The plants do need protecting from slugs and snails in the early stages to ensure strong growth, as do all runner beans I'm hoping the harvest will last well into autumn. The flavour is far superior and fresher than any other runner bean I've tried So far cooked on their own - don't need salt of any additions as the flavour is already very good. Looking forward to making Salad Nicoise later!

runner bean moon light 2011-02-09

We have grown these beans both in containers and in the ground and both have cropped extremely well. They have an excellent sweet taste with the added bonus of them being stringless so are easy to prepare and cook very quickly. They have proved to be ideal for container growing as there height is limited so would be a good bean for a child or elderly person to grow but they do need watering every day.

Runner Bean Moonlight 2011-01-09

The beans germinated well in pots made from newspaper, but were a bit slow to develop after planting out. Once thy got going they grew strongly and had plenty of flowers, but I am not convinced that they set any better than other beans I have grown. So far, the yield has not been as good, but there are plenty developing at the moment. They do have a good flavour and are not stringy.

Runner bean 'Moonlight' 2011-01-09

Now I know why they're called RUNNER beans - it's because they RUN away with you, this sort anyway. We have been overwhelmed by the ease and success in growing these beans. They went for the sky and have been showering us with gorgeous tender string-free beans ever since. Highly recommended and I've bought my seeds for next year already!

look forward to this in 2011 2010-09-11

sounds great and i look forward to growing it