Video guide to planting potatoes in a growing bag

Potato 'Kestrel' from Thompson & Morgan

It's easy to grow potato varieties like 'Kestrel' in growing bags or containers
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There’s nothing to rival the taste of homegrown potatoes. You don’t need a vegetable patch to grow your own tasty spuds either. Read our guide and watch the video to find out how to plant seed potatoes in a potato growing bag or container. It couldn’t be easier!

How to plant potatoes in a bag

Potato growing bags from T&M

Grow your potatoes in compact bags if you're short on space
Image: Potato growing bags from Thompson & Morgan

Specialist potato growing bags are weather resistant and reusable sacks that are ideal for a patio, deck, balcony or courtyard. They also make easy work of succession planting different varieties throughout the year. If you’re spoilt for choice, our potato selector guide will help you choose the best types for mashing, boiling, or roasting.

Start by filling your bag with around 12 inches of multi-purpose compost. Place three or four medium sized seed potatoes into the compost, spaced evenly apart, and cover with about two inches of compost. 

Give the bag a good water to settle the compost around the tubers. As the shoots grow, keep watering regularly and adding a couple of inches of compost to raise the level within the planter. You’ll soon have bushy green foliage emerging out from the top.

When should I harvest my potatoes?

Potato 'Home Guard' from Thompson & Morgan

Home grown potatoes have a superior flavour
Image: Potato 'Home Guard' from Thompson & Morgan

Once your potato plant foliage begins to flop over, it’s time to harvest your potatoes. Cut the stems right back and add to the compost heap, then tip the contents of the bag out onto a tarpaulin. You’ll probably be able to see a couple of potatoes already. 

Carefully sift through the compost collecting all the potatoes you find. Once you’re sure you’ve got them all, you can put the used compost onto your flower beds. Give the tubers a good wash and enjoy!

Video guide: how to grow potatoes

Watch the video to see exactly how to grow seed potatoes in a potato growing bag or container.

We hope you’re now ready to plant up your own favourite potato varieties. Share your crop with us on our social channels - we love to hear from you! And for more growing tips, head over to our potato hub page for information and advice. 


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