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Which Chempak fertiliser should I use on my plants and when?

Chempak Soluble Plant Foods are formulated to meet those exacting standards of the professional grower and top horticultural exhibitor. They are fully soluble which means they start to work instantly and are ideal for the professional and everyday gardener alike wanting to get the best results from their garden. All Chempak Soluble Plant Foods contain seven essential trace elements, far more than ordinary soluble fertiliser. These trace elements are all absolutely necessary for healthy plant growth.

We stock a wide range of fertilisers, including plant food for houseplants and selected outdoor plants, vegetable essentials and more. If you are unsure about which Chempak fertiliser you should use on your plants and when you should use it, see the Chempak Fertiliser Guide below which gives in depth advice on which Chempak product is suitable for you.

View all available Chempak fertiliser and plant feed products

We have ranges to suit all types of plants, fruits and vegetables. For example;

  • Plant Feed Range
  • House Plant Range
  • Outdoor Plant Feed Range
  • Plant Health Range
  • Essentials Range
  • Compost Bases
plant feed range chempak

Plant Feed Range

This range of specially formulated plant foods provides the right nutrition at the right time to a range of garden plants.

plant feed range chempak

Outdoor Plant Feed Range

A range of outdoor plant fertilisers specifically for clematis, fuchsia and ericaceous plants to give fantastic results.

Essentials Range

Maximise yield and flavour with this range of vegetable fertilisers, including the award-winning tomato food.

plant feed range chempak

House Plant Range

Feed your house plants with our specially formulated feeds to promote sturdy growth and flower formation.

Plant Health Range

A range of minerals and trace elements to remedy soil deficiencies and add valuable nutrients for health plants.

Compost Bases

These compost bases contain trace elements and a wetting agent for healthy growth of seedlings and plants.

What Chempak fertiliser should I be using?

See below for a guide of which chempak products are suited to your garden needs;
Click on the choices below to view further information

Plants Formula 2 Formula 3 Formula 4 Formula 8
Alpines All Times
Asparagus All Times
Auricula All Times
Azalea All Times
Beans All Times
Bedding Plants (Boxed) to May (Established) All Times
Begonias To April May June on
Bonsai Seedlings - All Times Trees - All Times
Bulbs Others - All Times Spring - After Flowering
Cacti All Times
Camellias All Times
Carnations All Times
Carrots To June July On
Celery To June July On
Chrysanths - Early Flowering July On To June
Chrysanths - Late Flowering Sept On To August
Citrus All Times
Clematis All Times
Conifers 1st Year - All Times Established - All Times
Cucumber All Times
Dahlias To June July On
Delphimiums To April May On
Ferns All Times
Fruiting Trees All Times
Fuchsias To May June July On
Geraniums & Pelargoniums To May June On
Gladiolus All Times
Gloxinias To May June July On
Grape Vines All Times
Heathers 1st Year - All Times Established - All Times
Herbs All Times
House Plants All Times
Hydrangea All Times
Lawns Aug-Sept
Leeks To June July On
Lettuce All Times
Marrows All Times
Melons All Times
Onions To June July On
Orchids - First Year To Buds When Flowering
Orchids - Established Spring Other Times
Ornamentals All Times
Palms All Times
Parnsips To June July On
Peas All Times
Peppers All Times
Potatoes All Times
Pot Plants - Summer To May June On
Pot Plants - Winter July-Sept Oct On
Pumpkin To July August On
Rhododendrons All Times
Roses To April May On
Rhubarb All Times
Soft Fruit All Times
Strawberries All Times
Sweet Corn All Times
Sweet Peas To April May On
Tomatoes Sept On To August
Vegetables Leaf - All Times Root - All Times

Further information about our Chempak products

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