Heritage Seeds

What is a heritage seed variety?

It is a variety that has been nurtured, selected and handed down through the family over many generations, usually deemed as a pre 1950 introduction, and until now many lost to gardeners. With the relaxation of regulations on selling heritage varieties, Thompson & Morgan is delighted to bring back some of the traditional, truly tasty, vegetable varieties of yesteryear.

Today most production is with F1 Hybrids which comply with criteria more suited to the commercial market, with uniformity in maturity, shape and size and ability to travel distances. Heritage varieties differ from F1 Hybrid varieties in that instead of being a cross between distinct parent lines, they are 'open pollinated' either by wind or pollinating insects such as bees. Pollination occurs naturally through the movement of the breeze or insects moving freely between the flowers and the same variety will be produced time after time.

The new Thompson & Morgan Heritage Seeds range in cludes 30 varieties selected for excellent flavour, performance, growth and pest resistance.

Click on the varieties below to view items:
Bean : Broad Bean : Dreadnought
Bean : Broad Bean : Green Windsor
Bean : Climbing Bean : Selma Zebra
Bean : Dwarf Bean : Bush Blue Lake
Bean : Dwarf Bean : Pencil Pod Black Wax
Bean : Runner Bean : Crusader
Bean : Runner Bean : Goliath
Beet : Egyptian Flat Rooted - Kahira
Cabbage : Jersey Wakefield
Cabbage : Wheelers Imperial
Carrot : Royal Chantenay
Leaf Beet : Five Colour Silverbeet
Leek : Bleu Solaise
Lettuce : Crisp Mint
Lettuce : Great Lakes
Onion : Ciboule (Welsh onion)
Onion : Ciboule (Welsh onion) Red
Onion : Rouge long de Florence
Parsnip : The Student
Pea : Alderman
Pea : Lincoln
Radish : Poloneza
Spinach : Bloomsdale
Squash : Golden Hubbard
Tomato : Black Russian
Tomato : Craigella
Tomato : Striped Stuffer
Tomato : The Amateur
Tomato : Yellow Stuffer
Turnip : Manchester Market

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